Monday, 9 January 2012

Songs Of the Moment

I have been listen to some music that I was never a real fan of first time around as Talking heads, Ok David Byrne used to annoy the shit out of me with all that Burning down the house crap. So I wrote them off. iIt wasnt till I watched a Midnight showing of Stop Making Sense that I got their sound. The Album Remain In Light that got me truly to the beauty of their music and the syncopation and composition. So I suggest you get to trying them on for size.


I listen to Spotify alot and I also pay for it's service as I think it's alot better than my Imatch. You can find my henry hate tag or my facebook id. But Girls On Top are a London garage band that are catchy, trashy and capture the essential sound of so many bands that I love. They also are very good at taking the piss out of themselves. They reminded me of a group we used to play with in early 2000 called The Dirty Byyrds While we were just Dirty Switches. It's defiantely one to place n your ipod or what ever. Crank it.

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