Monday, 30 November 2009

Dangerous Dog Or Dangerous Owner?

Today I read a story that a small child at the tender age of four was mauled to death by a dog. A 63 year old elderly woman whom tried to sepreate the dog and rescue the child is in hospital after the attack. Also alerted to police attention about the home pet, when they were told that dog breeding went on in the family home. The police never investigated it. A few days ago my dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, while this stupid bitch stood idley by calling the fucking mongrol by name to no effect. My dog's lead was ruined and my partner's hand was injured. I lost my fucking temper and she scurried off as if I was the attacker. I see loads of people whom hve animals whom have no idea of the responsibility to rear a dog. Some virtulally have no control, tact or know how of how to handle a dog. But these animals are villiefied for no good reason. Ulitmately I put this down to the owner. As Joleene is my baby and pride and joy, she gets on with our two cats, and she is a very lovely animal. The best dog I have ever owned. But she is fed, has a regimented schedule and a dog walker. Annual vet visits in Holland park and a doggie passport.

Joleene to maintain does come at a price but it's not a massive one if you invest your time with a dog. Dogs seek approval and need a form of structure that is alotted to them. How kids on estates can keep and make a dogs aggressive in the same way as carrying a knife is both cruel to to the animal and crimminal. Yet in the last 12 months children have become victims to feral pets that were destroyed soon after the atacks. I told my partner if I see that bitch on the street with that mutt, I would do far worse to that putrid cunt. It's not a dogs fault, it's the owner. So before I start sounding like Cesar Milan a dog must follow in a pack and will mirror a behavior. learned from it's own invironment. I cried when I left Joleene for Paris for a week, cause I never have actually been away from her for more than I few hours or a day. She even has my slepping habits much to my partners chagrin.

The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 bans the breeding, sale or exchange of four kinds of dogs: Pit Bull terriers, Japanese tosas, the dogo Argentinos and the fila brasileiros. Cross-breeds of these are also covered by the law. My bog may appear to look like one of these dogs but she is a very docile creature. To see young people with choking collars and their aggresive behavior is heartbreaking to watch. Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond has a dog rescue for Pit Bulls whom are under heavy scrutiny in the states. Taking on something like this is no small task and is very admirable. I believe that dogs should be lisenced to owners and be made to verify both annual immunizaions and spade or nuetered. If dogs for breedign should pay a different lisince fee, as I have my own opinions of dog breeders, bad ones anyways. I can not get Joleene a playmate as she is a single owner dog, a a little princess so, out of respect to pooch, I must be a one dog judo chop, punch you in the jelly belly owner.

I donate money to Battersea dogs home and think it's amazing what they do. When Joleene leaves me I will fall apart, I know I will, cause I will miss our games, our talks and most of all her just being at myside looking at me to feed her or scratch her chunny belly. And hust her dog smile when chasing squirrels. Dogs are definately a man's best friend. Joleene was in a Coke Commerical and a Habitat catalogue so she has done some dog modeling. Yes I kept the money and believe it or not she got her cut. A trip to her pet store on Portobello and treats and food galore. But how could you not love a dog like this?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Buy, Beg, Borrrow, Steal This Book!

Max Blumenthal's Republican Gomorrah is a must read for anybody regardless of sexual orientation.

There Is A Smack Over Here If You Want One!

Remeber the saying, Stop or I'll give you something to cry about? It's an epidemic of sorts. Well sort of. I can recall the good old days when you actually were afraid of your elders and manners were something that actually showed good breeding no matter what your social staus was? When people were not afraid to actually step in and say, "Look bitch what's going on with your demon seed, put a lid on it or I will!" The world has gone off kilter and people have lost their damn minds, where people are claiming impropriety and need a free tour of the STSS committee. What's that you ask, well it stands for Set That Suckah Straight! Although my father never beat me he was actually very creative in his ways of discipline for my brother and I. Still I have been introduced to the strap at one time or another in my formative years. Yet I can be considerate to elderly people when the time calls for it. Casuse old folks ain't to be fucked with. People beating a child is out of line and within the last 50 years its's gone from strict to strictly bullshit. Kids run willy nilly. The baby has peed in the bath water, and people are a little more than just miffed. God damn it they are not going to take it any more.

A mother In Arkansas called a police officer in an effort to try and control her 10 year old child whom refused to take a shower and go to bed. Basically the cop was called in to do her job for her. Once the girl stood her ground and challenged the police officer physically and allegedley kicking him in the nuts, he tazered her ass. A few weeks back a child was maced in the face by a transgendered crackhead tranny, whom warned the boy not to fuck with her. This happened in front of the boys mother. I mean it's obvious that this bitch was in a mood after walking around with that fucked up weave, wearing clothes that no pre-teen crack whore would be caught dead in. This all happened as the mother whom allowed the stand off on a Metro Line subway in Los Angeles to come to a boil. The mother showed no control or parental ability that displayed any kind of authority over her boys. I mean really, you shouldn't try it on with any kind of person more than 12 years older than you, especially if you're a child. So after many exchange of insults, Crackie had it and kept her word. PSSHT, right in the face. It's clear that the kids stepped out of line by making fun of a transgender crackhead, while the mother sat there like a tongue tied guest on Ricki Lake. A decent mother would have said to her brood, to be more tolerant and then speak shit behind the crack ho's back. Hello, it's called manners. I mean I can, and I can be much funnier. So chop chop and move it along. The transgender woman should have corrected the mother in checking her kids and leave it there. So moral of the story: do not fuck with trannys with htheir bitch on or any one older than you. We are not talking aout shoulda woulda coulda.

A few years ago a 5 year old school girl was handcuffed by police after school faculty could not calm her or restrain her. So the mother claimed that her daughter was treated like an animal, much like the father of the girl from Arkansas. Are your fucking surprised, cause your spawn acted like one feral little monster. Ok, it's not like they used a caddle prod and placed her in a bucket of water or anything. Don't get me wrong I like kids. I like kids to be quite and or at least considerate, a quality that most parents today lack. To be honest I don't think that most adults really don't know how to take care of themselves, let alone a child. There was the story of a gramps asking a mother to keep her squealing brat quite while he shopped in peace over at a Wal-Mart. Of course she ignored him after he said he would take matters into his own hands. So he slapped the two year old a couple of times. The kid got quiet. I get parents whom bring in kids to the shop and most behave themselves, others have no idea how to handle the situation. I have to ask them to remove themselves and the child. Why? Cause it's disruptive and completely unnecessary to have to make others listen to a child you cannot communicate with. Let alone, have a shril screaming child disrupt a workplace or public place for that matter. Like woman with double sided prams that force people to walk into the street, as if their child is far more important and that you must walk around them, because the width of their baby carriage is far to wide. How rude.

I don't agree with strangers walking up to children and slapping them like a "Whack The Mole" game for no good reason. I am not for adults beating kids with radio antennas either. But ground rules need to be set and the parent needs to get off the couch, change out of their muumuu from their vodka daze and raise the kid right. Hello mother have you ever met the discipline, it does wonders for kids. they might actually respect you. If I was a counsellor at brat camp I would punch them in the throat and hand cuff them to a tree, FOR THREE DAYS. I tell you what, they will change their fucking minds the next time they wanna act a damn fool. And if they fon't I will give them another three days to think te shit through and choose their words carefully. I actually think kids respond better to discipline, because they are sussed out as punks.

Are we surprised thats shows like Brat Camp and Super Nanny are so popular? Kids act tough, but once their bluff is called they fold like wet noodle and have no spine or ethic to really thinnk shit through. A kid tried it with me once and spit on my window of the shop. I followed him out with a pencil and said it's obvious your parents are not around to teach you to act like a grown man. So you choose to spit on my shop front and run like a little bitch, so here I am man to boy, what they fuck you going to do? I am right here in front of you. I told him I had no problem having it out here on the street cause he was old enough at 16, and infront of his friend I said he could have the first punch and kick me in my nuts.

Yet I let him see I had a pencil, saying that if he made the first strike, I had all the reason to defend myself and he instigated it by spitting on my shop front. Why, cause I kicked him out for being under age and did not give him any information about getting a tattoo. So I was well in my rights. After all I didn't shit or piss on his door step. So if I went to jail, I would practice homosexuality by choice, and with the cops around they would smell weed on him. Double negative. So if he wants to have it out, his ass would be forced to be someones bitch wether he liked it or not. He stared at me frozen cause he had never been challenged. I never flinched and he walked away as he said sorry. It wasn't like I was going to stab the little bastard. That's all I wanted him to say. I shook his hand and told him when he was old enough he could get the tattoo, but till them keep away from my shop. I think parents mean well in raising kids, and my parents tried. They really did. I will say I can be one selfish son of a bitch, so I will never have kids. But I enjoy their company and like the way the see the world and percieve things. When they start screaming, I am ready to throw myself out a 64 storey window. I still know that kids are kids, but kids don't really think of elders.

Every now and then you see the parent whom shakes the shit out of them in the stores. It's the dammedest thing. If you go to the 5;30 mark it's funny too.

Ladies And Gentlemenn For your Viewing Pleasure.

Madam Lambert has come down with dip shit disease. Oh you know, it's when your asshole starts talking before your brain can actually function and form a well thought out logical response. Being that Out have a bone to pick with Madame's management company 19, for asking the publication to not make him sound to gay or even look to gay. I think that his management team have never really spent quality time with their product. Working in Hollywood consisted of dealing with managers, production managers, labels, studio heads, and publicists for both artist and label/studio, always proved to be a nightmare to deal with. To many cooks spoiling the broth. Each pulling in a different direction. Sorry to say they didn't pluck Madame out of obsurity in some coffehouse through the insistance of a A&R guy. No tweens and the general public whom watch weekly karoake show American Idol voted him to the final. He lost to a puppy dog eyed white boy soul crooner.

With Out's editor making open letter to both Madame and his handlers, this backed by the writer of the Out's interview whom wrote:
I briefly met Adam, and then the publicist and I walked out to the balcony, at which point I was cautioned against making the interview “too gay,” or, “you know, gay-gay.” Specifically I was discouraged from asking about the March on Washington that upcoming weekend or other political topics… It was pretty awkward, as if we were discussing two totally different people — an Adam who doesn’t seem to have any real filter when talking about his life or his opinions, and an Adam who could somehow be contained, made safe for mainstream America.
Madam decided to handle this like a real celebretard, posting on his Twitter:
Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine. Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.

What I found funny is that they made Madame look like a thin Lea Deleaia. Cleaver and shrewed move by Out by not making him look gay but like a thin lesbian. Revenge is better than Christmas.

Gone are the artist whom cultivate music and actually write their own music. Adam wants to be Lady Gaga/Goldfrapp. I am not a fan of Lady's music but I respect her cause she actually has a talent, and through all the campness of her frocks, you can actually see that she is a great song writer and singer Adam sings what ever is handed to him. But his repsonse to OUT is fucking lame, stupid and egotist. He's not broken any new ground, David Bowie did it before him. But Rolling Stone did some mock up covers of what I think are better versions of the bargain bin cd. In a few years Madame's For Your cd, will be keeping company with Ned Beatty Sings The Blues, and Wayland Flowers and Madame: The Hits Keep Coming, all shit and largely forgetable. Come this winter AI choose a new hopeful and the cylcle begins again. Being that a runner up has yet to really keep the zietgiest alive after Idol is a hard feat. Yes, we've all heard about Gayken's mister fister stories, but I am sure Madame starting out at 27 by industry standards he's too old and his audience will change. The only thing that could save him is that if he told his firm to shut the fuck up and sign the off Broadway contract to star in the reworked musical, Cruising: Fists Of The Crisco Disco. MAdame needs a actual voice that doesn't contain auto-tune, a drum loop and an actual vision rather than the manufactured one handed to him on a paper plate.. Can anyone see that this princess has holes in his underwear, and the lube from his but plug is starting to reak? MAdame your 15 minutes are counting down in 5,4,3,2....
Adam if you read this maybe you want to sit and have a quite isten to someone whom actually did this nearly 30 years ago much better than you

David Bowie - Boys keep swinging

Kelly | MySpace Video

Monday, 16 November 2009

Right On Mister Sister!

A 10 year old boy from Arkansas has refused to say the Pledge Of Allegiance till gays have equality. Growing Up I had to say the bullshit pledge every day from gradeschool. High School was a different story. It goesa little something like this:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

So if you think about it forcing kids whom prey to Allah, Krisna and the Easter Bunny may find them self in a bit of a pickle.
This was first challenged by those Jehovah's Witnesses, you know the ones that sell or give you WatchTower and refuse to leave your door step. So when I was a kid you were punished for not saying the pladge of allegiance. So little Will Phillips believes that Gays and Lesbians are denied basic rights such as marriage and adoption and doesn't think this sounds fair after pledging, with liberty and justice for all. I say right on!

Francis Bellamy wrote this pledge to show kids obedience to the state as a virtue. So does this mean that Mr. Bellamy never grew up a poor black child in the ghetto or any other culture for that matter? Bellamy believed that the pledge was takenout of context and was growing ore in line with Socialism, which was not his intention and was more inconsistent. I have always thought that the pledge was bullshit and was sent to the principles office in high school cause I said I was athiest and didn't believe in a god so how can I pledge. Truth is I was just thought it stupid. My principle said to just "lip the words then" and sent me on my way. I never did. I have pledged to a great big cock though. Yes. many a time I have dropped to my knees and prayed let me take it all in enjoy this.

There has been great debate about the pledge and some districts have stated that it is unlawful to force anyone to recite the pledge. It also violates first and fourteenth ammendment rights.

Attention K-Mart Shoppers!

Bargain basement bins will be soon stocking Madam Lambert's liquid disc of shit, For Your Entertainment. Which reminds me Adam, Dale Bozzio called and she wants her record album cover back, but will give it to you on loan if you bail her out of jail.
When I lived in Los Angeles and my younger years in Camden, I could never understand how some people thought this was an actual good look. The only people I have ever seen pull this off was Ganjuro Girls in Shibuya/Shinjuku/Harajuku areas in Tokyo.
This was always a look that fat goths choose to go out in during broad daylight. It's a look alright, somewhere between an outfit and a get up. Even worse is that these people probably really wouldn't listen to Miss Lambert's music in the first place. Why is it that these people whom where these good awful clothes always have some of the stupidest tattoos as well? Hopefully Clearasil will be sponsering Queen with Bad Skin Tour, cause bitch needs a soft box in front of his ass pronto. Queen with bad skin, hmm, where's Courney Love when you need her.

Like on America's Next Top Midget, i think Madam is starting off a little to old for this game at the gate, Perhaps he would have done better on Rupaul's Drag Race? Out have featured him in their Out 100 issue, and a bunch of other people whom I have ever heard of and probably never here from again. I actually don't read Out, cause I don't think reading Out makes me feel more akin to the gay community. I'm more of a Ampulove kinda guy, so good you'll read it with one hand. Below I think is a more appropriate target audience fan for Madam Lambert all soft and gooey, with no real reason to bitch about anythng. Am I crue? Oh well.

Friday, 13 November 2009


Running a business is hard. a good money making business is really hard. It involves spinning many plates. To think that you can open doors and watch money roll in, is both naive and plain stupid. Like a good relationship, it takes work, stamina and patience. Ok, I am one of the least patient people on the planet. i can see my friend Jane holding her index finger up and orbiting the others around her hand while saying, "Henry, Universe!" People do not like change, when it happens they grow
scared and start to panic. Not all change is bad. This simply means things are evolving. Sometimes working with people takes work. Again, I am one of the least people friendly people on the planet. I say this cause, lets be honest the human race sucks at times. I hurt a friends feelings because I said that I believe that world poverty would never be a abolished. Sure on paper it sounds great and nice, but a infra-structure is in place that means that before anything can be done the structure it's self would have to change completely. Unfortunately, this is where the problem lies. Those whom hold big business also impact the laws and stupid regulations that are foisted upon us.

So at the shop I never stop thinking about my business. It is said that a man thinks of sex 6 seconds. Well a business owner thinks of money every 12 seconds. To me money is simply a means. It will not solve my problems and not make me feel better, or give me a hug when I need one most. No money is simply a tool for me. I use it for my shop and my life, and my shop is my baby. Not only am I married to my partner, I am married to my shop. I have fired people, been accused of being a slave driver, a miser, unjust, unfair and even uncooperative. Sure thats they way it looks from that side of the fence. What most don't under stand is that the placement of things to build a business are many. Just because I leave work does not mean I'm done for the day. Administrative decisions must be made all the time on my part and for the post part I try and be fair and ethical.

I have to remove my self from the situation and look at it from another point of view. To place special preference over one individual would not be fair to the other two. To try and encourage someone is also a task. Sometimes it is disheartening when you place a compliment on someone only for them to knock it with a viewpoint that lacks any kind of general enthusiasm or even zeal. In tattooing you have to take the sour with the sweet, and I have in many shapes and forms during the course of my business. To make someone understand what it is I am doing to fair across the board can cause them a little dismay for no apparent reason. There is nothing personal, this is business and I too have fallen short at times of this, but over all it was my decision making that got me to this point. There are times I wish I had a recorder to tape every time someone fucking complained about work or it's slow. Yet I can choose to work every day if I wanted to but I don't. There are two sides to every story and view points. All my decisions are based on a diplomatic process, for the greater good. If they choose to personalise it. Well that is a tar baby they will have to contend with themselves, because it's nothing against them. But I have reached a breaking point where I am done trying to muster the encouragement and build the enthusiasm for these types of people, because it is a false sense of security to them. Success is built on the pillars of failure, and I have fucked up a lot to know better. This job has to make room for artistic ego of course, yet I will not be placed into a arena where I am supposed to show preferential treatment to one and not the other. IT's not right nor fair and would only cause friction and resentment.

This is for them to work out on their own. I will admit I remove myself from business emotionally, because it's a saving grace.
Joleene is my barometer, and I love her for it. I have been erroneously accused of being superior or make someone feel like they might not have a job or that I have talked down to them. An easy excuse and cop out, especially in tattooing, when I have witnessed it served to customers on a weekly basis. My goal is to seek out a corner of the planet and make it my own, and to have longevity with the course of my shop over seeking the approval of other tattooists and having my name in a magazine. It's been nice to have those accolades, but it is my work. The guys whom work for me are nice and have a talent. do I trust them, to a certain degree absolutely, that is my concern. If they work hard I will compliment and reward them when appropriate. I will not be questioned on how I govern my businessm becasue I have given them reason from the gate. I do ask they're opinions on issues that concern them and like to hear feed back. However, not all my decisions will be met with joy and agreement. Ultimately, the bottom line is I will run my shop a certain way fair and evenly, and if they take that personally then that is there own issue to deal with.

My Current Mood!

This is how I am feeling at the moment. Stressed beyond fucking belief. Ain't you lucky I don't have a gun. Cause it would be some serious Black Gay Rage up in this mother fucker.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bear, Damn It, it's a dirty word at least to me!

Exhibit A: these guys look more like two men whom are more happy at a beer bust at XXL or The Eagle, The Cuckoo's Nest where ever, than they would at say New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. Looking at these two you would never guess that they love Crepe De Chine just as they love them ugly ass flannel shirts bears like to wear as uniform. Some one called me a bear once and I flipped my shit. I am not a bear nor do I growl or rub hairy men in cottages, both public or residential. To me Bear Is a dirty word. Kind like saying your a power bottom just cause your just fucking lazy. The bear craze has become the clone for the new millennium, and it's kinda depressing. You have bears, muscle bears, cubs, silver foxes, otters, chubs and chasers. Since when did a gay bar turn into a fucking zoo? It seems if you place your flannel on with a hoodie and some buck skin Timberland boots, viola, you're a bear. Don't get me wrong a dog will always choose a bone with some fat and meat on it over a plain old bone. But bear craze is a little out of hand.

I remember when every guy wanted to look like a leather man or 70's clone, a look that I think always looks good. Clean, rough, masculine and a bit working class. The Bear looks like he hibernates in a cabin in Ottawa Canada, and we all know how I feel about Canada. NIggah Pah-lease! You ain't ever seen a cabin and from the size of that waist, looks like your ass never hiked much either. More like ate a cabin. If you want to look like the active outdoors type, try taking your ass out doors. I am not fat-o-phobic, but this bear fetish sometimes borders on just plain silly. I was on a bear retreat once with a former friend. Let me explain. My friend at the time was up for The Final Mr Bear Uk and offered and asked me to come along for moral support. Well I did. Out of the 300+ there I was only attracted to a guy from Ireland whom had a boyfriend. His Husbear cock blocked me every time his partner approached me. So short of pulling a Tonya Harding and taking a fucking crow bar to the dudes knees, the Guy from Ireland found me alone and we made a hasty exit for a few hours alone in a graveyard, in front of a church in the hills of Derby at around midnight. So for this I will probably burn in hell, oh well. My friend was furious with me cause I left and missed the contest and the his husbear made a scene upon our return for huge entertainment to those whom witnessed his shit storm. I was single and homie knocked on my door, what should I say no for. I liked him and he liked me. It wasn't like we went to pick out china patterns.

This happened on the 2nd day of the event, after watching countless men lie around rubbing each others bellies and growl. Not fun, and definitely not hot. I did it cause I was bored and the guy was hot. As lame as the excuse was, that was my part. He wasn't really a bear but he had natural dark red hair, and green eyes, a killer sleeve and at 6'4 he marked all my boxes physically. We caught each others attention at the event mixer, but for some reason I was not allowed to go near the guy and vice versa. Every other dude was fair game to him but me. So I don't go to "bear" dances, our even want to wear their uniform. I would never want to join a club that would have me for a partner. My partner isn't even a bear. He is Irish though. But these dudes whom were once thought to be out casts by the beauty obsessed gay community have become some what their own worst enemy. Bear flags, bear clothes, bear books, bear nights, coffee mugs and iconography to associate them with, oh yes the bear. Jesus, it sounds like Scientology. At first you think, yeah there cool then they drop the word "Scientologist Bear", and your all I out. I just don't understand why some men need to label something like maculinity with the word bear, as if it makes it much more masculine? Straight guys don't say I am mechanically straight or surfer straight. If you hve an answer I would like to hear it.

Pretty Like A Drug!

At the church of Katie Jane Garside, she is a mixture many elements that clash and compliment the female psyche.
Lost angel, mythical creature, sexual siren and damaged doll, poet, are key elements to her allure and mystery. She is what she
is and there is no denying her talent. With the release of Queenadreena's latestDjin I have been a fan since her first band of Daisy Chainsaw.
Much like Bjork or Tori Amos, Katie Jane garners a cult like following and she is hands on with her fans offering art, comics, clothes, and music that is tailor made by her for you. Out of todays manufactured female pop stars Ms. Garside is something of extraordinary talent and originality. I am often mesmerized by her voice and the music she delivers, flipping the bird to the music industry by make her work a more personal platform, she is a true artist. If you get the chance to see the brite force of a Queenadreena show, or the soft beauty of Ruby Throat, it is a delight to see her preform. By any means go.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Por Vida Y-Que!

Growing up I can say I lived in a barrio, that was downtown Santa Ana. I wasn't allowed to wear Wino shoes and go the path that my father did. You see my dad grew up with a gang mentality and spent a good amount of his formative years in Juvenile Hall. So my dad made sure that both me and my brother would grow up safe from harms way. Away from the hands of cholos and trouble, both him and my mother worked hard to do the best they could and raise us right. Still I had two uncles whom had tattoos early on and they were related to the barrio that they were raised in as well. My uncle Chino is dead now and my Uncle Gilbert is in prison for life on his third strike. So I can understand the association with the raza and the movumente, that my dad and his brothers once followed to some degree. I can see it forming an adoptive family and an ingredient often missing in these mens lives. Belonging, to something that accepts them no matter how flawed.

I was made aware that Honduras and Central America, which suffers from some of the harshest and highest crime rate in the world. Put into action a plan to curb gang related crime and activity. Gang tattoos are easily identified, and are considered a hinderance to those whom where them. Making gang members search for more subtle ways to pledge association. Some find it hard to find work and realise that they are now moving targets, and some are preferring to rebuke the activity and allegiance all together. Putting into place harsher punishment for those caught violating laws and signalling out the gang tattooed members. This hardline has made some gang related members rethink their path in life and the government tries and helps them remove their tattoos, to assist them in a new life. This has been most effective on the youngest members of gangs.

Although Pena (pronounced Pen-Yah) art is popular with the masses, and tattoo artists like Mister Cartoon who is it's most visible vanguard help place it in another forum altogether. Out of the barrio and into Gallery Spaces. When I look at these type of tattoos, I always think it's a shame they just didn't pick something more personal. But The gang claims the body with the tattoo work. There is a site that displays tattoo work by those associated with gangs, and after looking at a few tattoos, I came to the conclusion that most were done by a hommie or house artist. Most gang members never want to pay what a professional would charge. Perhaps cause they don't have the money or you need to be affiliated with one particular artist, like the Yakuza. At least the Yakuza have some impressive work and artists. When I was working at Funny Farm Tattoo, there was a guy from Japan called Anarchy Man, whom cut off his patch of tattoo that he was working on, when he met a girl whom would have nothing to do with him and his acquaintance. So he went to his boss and was instructed he could leave but the tattoo stayed with them. That was fucking bad ass, cuase he took a razor to his arm and now a scar that looks much like a burn remains, and a small portion of a peony.

Silent & Beautiful

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and these are speaking millions. Soft silent and sexual, they pull you in to another world. I love the Woman with the curves and the guys are stunning. Exterface is a french photographer from Paris whose keen eye is something quite extraordinary.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dorks With Tattoos!

It was bound to happen with tattoos. The uniform of black t-shirt, drain pipes, (hysterictamy pants I call them) and the stupid grin begging for street cred. At 41 I have seen alot of stuff and now I feel like one of those old grouchy men whom turn the sprinklers on at kids and scream at them, ordering them off my lawn. Been there done that. To the point where my doctor has said my liver is in massive need of TLC and a major detox. Sure sex, drug and rock n' roll can be fun. But it seems that kids today must have the sleeves and the whole shebang to fit in. MOre like a uniform than rather an expresion of individuality. Pretty soon you look like every fucking one else nothing cool about that. Not so individual, or free from expression. Sure a tattoo is a tattoo, but it's a time line to me and my understanding. I am confused when I see kids younger than me whom are covered with shit on them, and yet are no where near being comfortable in their own skins to think for themselves. Like girls with Sacred Heart Refrigoraters. WTF! It's a shame.

When I went to party's people would think I was an asshole cause I didn't want to talk about tattoo's with them. Like I was some elitist. Not so. I just spent eight hours talking shop at work, the last thing I want to do is talk about it on my time off. Nuff said. Sure I get some kids whom like my work and think what I do is cool, and I am honored they want something from me. Be it a small butterfly to a rotting heart sleeve complete with bat wings(S'up Daniel). I try and make the piece a visual illustration. But dudes like that moron from BMTH are just plonks that need to wipe their asses and buy a fucking vowel. Sure they have hordes of fans and threaten anyone whom crosses their beloved band, but it's nothing new. No new ground covered. News flash, any asshole in tattoos and drainpipes can scream or gruttle his ass off in front of kids. It doesn't take a rocket science to make impressionable kids think your interesting just casue you happen to be on stage. I am not a fan of Metalcore, Shitmetal, Dorkmetal, death dork, whatever. To me it sucked then and it still sucks now. I could understand loving Joy division as a kid, but he was a epiliptic suicidal manic depressive, he wasn't posing as some poncy tattooed dork from the burbs,

So with Oliver Sykes allegedly urinating on girls whom diss his sexual advances, he might want to rethink his fucking game plan with his band. Or how he approaches girls to suck his dick. It wont be long before kids start offing themselves declaring it Suicide Season inthe name of their beloved band. This too will be nothing new and disgruntled parents will start pointing the finger at the band rather than at themselves.
There is a documentary coming out that I am excited to see about the Noweigan Black Metal Scene and the people whom build their lives around this sub culture. The directors did so by living with them and building relationships for a more intimate look into the music and get a deeper understanding of whatthe appeal os to some. Grindcore and all has it's place, sure. Yet when I am listening to music I want a fucking good riif and a dirty bass line over the drivel those dorks from Bring Me The Horizon do anyday of the week. I think it's reat to be young and angry at a world that doesn't understand you, sure. But if your going to express yourself through a tattoo make fucking sure you speak loud and clear and make your exact point. That is something that some young people have difficulty doing in the first place isn't it?

Screaming Mad Bitch!

As Fuck Yeah Horror is on hiatus, as my good buddy takes a sabbatical. I have made Screaming Mad Bitch, to fuel my horror geek in me. Screaming mad bitch will place it foot in the lakes that is the b-movie, the video nasty and of course horror, and mayber the odd whore here and there. Cause you gotta have titty. I named this blog as such because all horror films have some screaming mad bitch, and was also an homage to Screaming Mad George as well. I don't plan to do anything specific with the blog, as just to vent my bon vivant for the much loved horror genre.

It will be brash and bawdy, like my self and my drunk alter ego, you might even find funny. So much to the chagrin of my partner he must think I am obsessed or a part time serial killer. Ahh, bless him. So I hope you like it. Let me know. Being that Bloody Disgusting is bullshit, they should just call that site fucking bloody shit! Those guys don't know their asses from their elbows, let alone fuck all about horror. You would think that those guys on the site, suck dick for kick backs and passes to films. But truth be told. I miss speaking with Jimbo and hope he's ok while he's taking care of himself. Much love man.

Infante Terrible De Danse.

My self and my partner are huge fans of David Bowie, I have my aunt Jane to thanks for that. Because of her, the seed was planted. I was fortunate enough to get two tickets to the sold out show at the Barbican to watch The Michael Clark Company preform " Come Been Gone" an homage of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Bren had never seen them preform so I made sure he go to see this show. I was more than excited to see the person whom put dance to Mark E. Smith's music. He didn't disappoint. Clark has always been on the fringes of contemporary dance with his rock and roll swagger and his bad boy reputation. So, this performance certainly did sweeten the pot to a hall full of people, wanting to see his return to form.

Broken in three performances, the sound track included his love for The Fall, Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop, and the show stopping Bowie. The first time I heard of Michael Clark was through the performance art of Leigh Bowery, whom collaborated together often and were close friends. This was, B.H. Before Henry Hate came to London. I can say that with this sow travelling around, it is worth a look to anyone into the music. Spiked with humour and excellent precision, Michael Clarks company delivered the goods, with a homage to a time gone past, and a selection of Bowies, Berlin era and the epic "Heroes," it virtually moves you. I thought this was a valentine to his youth and the music of that time. Even the programme was issued in a mock glossy 45' record sleeve, complete with the three rock heroes on the cover. The show ends with a favourite of mine "Jean Jeanie, that took me back to my childhood and my first arrival here in London in 98, dancing in the basement of club of Madame Jo Jo's night Kitsch Bitch 11 years ago. It did inspire me visually as the dancers were somewhat Asexual rather than asserting roles of man and woman. If you get the chance go, even if you're not a fan of contemporary dance, you'll be glad you did. Even if you just want to look at nice asses in titght costumes designed Body Map.

So let's here this opus to a youth and Berlin. Enjoy..
For Bren. Not that I want to move to Berlin and get strung out on smack while turning tricks in a subway terminal. But still a great Film.