Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ladies And Gentlemenn For your Viewing Pleasure.

Madam Lambert has come down with dip shit disease. Oh you know, it's when your asshole starts talking before your brain can actually function and form a well thought out logical response. Being that Out have a bone to pick with Madame's management company 19, for asking the publication to not make him sound to gay or even look to gay. I think that his management team have never really spent quality time with their product. Working in Hollywood consisted of dealing with managers, production managers, labels, studio heads, and publicists for both artist and label/studio, always proved to be a nightmare to deal with. To many cooks spoiling the broth. Each pulling in a different direction. Sorry to say they didn't pluck Madame out of obsurity in some coffehouse through the insistance of a A&R guy. No tweens and the general public whom watch weekly karoake show American Idol voted him to the final. He lost to a puppy dog eyed white boy soul crooner.

With Out's editor making open letter to both Madame and his handlers, this backed by the writer of the Out's interview whom wrote:
I briefly met Adam, and then the publicist and I walked out to the balcony, at which point I was cautioned against making the interview “too gay,” or, “you know, gay-gay.” Specifically I was discouraged from asking about the March on Washington that upcoming weekend or other political topics… It was pretty awkward, as if we were discussing two totally different people — an Adam who doesn’t seem to have any real filter when talking about his life or his opinions, and an Adam who could somehow be contained, made safe for mainstream America.
Madam decided to handle this like a real celebretard, posting on his Twitter:
Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine. Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.

What I found funny is that they made Madame look like a thin Lea Deleaia. Cleaver and shrewed move by Out by not making him look gay but like a thin lesbian. Revenge is better than Christmas.

Gone are the artist whom cultivate music and actually write their own music. Adam wants to be Lady Gaga/Goldfrapp. I am not a fan of Lady's music but I respect her cause she actually has a talent, and through all the campness of her frocks, you can actually see that she is a great song writer and singer Adam sings what ever is handed to him. But his repsonse to OUT is fucking lame, stupid and egotist. He's not broken any new ground, David Bowie did it before him. But Rolling Stone did some mock up covers of what I think are better versions of the bargain bin cd. In a few years Madame's For Your cd, will be keeping company with Ned Beatty Sings The Blues, and Wayland Flowers and Madame: The Hits Keep Coming, all shit and largely forgetable. Come this winter AI choose a new hopeful and the cylcle begins again. Being that a runner up has yet to really keep the zietgiest alive after Idol is a hard feat. Yes, we've all heard about Gayken's mister fister stories, but I am sure Madame starting out at 27 by industry standards he's too old and his audience will change. The only thing that could save him is that if he told his firm to shut the fuck up and sign the off Broadway contract to star in the reworked musical, Cruising: Fists Of The Crisco Disco. MAdame needs a actual voice that doesn't contain auto-tune, a drum loop and an actual vision rather than the manufactured one handed to him on a paper plate.. Can anyone see that this princess has holes in his underwear, and the lube from his but plug is starting to reak? MAdame your 15 minutes are counting down in 5,4,3,2....
Adam if you read this maybe you want to sit and have a quite isten to someone whom actually did this nearly 30 years ago much better than you

David Bowie - Boys keep swinging

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