Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dorks With Tattoos!

It was bound to happen with tattoos. The uniform of black t-shirt, drain pipes, (hysterictamy pants I call them) and the stupid grin begging for street cred. At 41 I have seen alot of stuff and now I feel like one of those old grouchy men whom turn the sprinklers on at kids and scream at them, ordering them off my lawn. Been there done that. To the point where my doctor has said my liver is in massive need of TLC and a major detox. Sure sex, drug and rock n' roll can be fun. But it seems that kids today must have the sleeves and the whole shebang to fit in. MOre like a uniform than rather an expresion of individuality. Pretty soon you look like every fucking one else nothing cool about that. Not so individual, or free from expression. Sure a tattoo is a tattoo, but it's a time line to me and my understanding. I am confused when I see kids younger than me whom are covered with shit on them, and yet are no where near being comfortable in their own skins to think for themselves. Like girls with Sacred Heart Refrigoraters. WTF! It's a shame.

When I went to party's people would think I was an asshole cause I didn't want to talk about tattoo's with them. Like I was some elitist. Not so. I just spent eight hours talking shop at work, the last thing I want to do is talk about it on my time off. Nuff said. Sure I get some kids whom like my work and think what I do is cool, and I am honored they want something from me. Be it a small butterfly to a rotting heart sleeve complete with bat wings(S'up Daniel). I try and make the piece a visual illustration. But dudes like that moron from BMTH are just plonks that need to wipe their asses and buy a fucking vowel. Sure they have hordes of fans and threaten anyone whom crosses their beloved band, but it's nothing new. No new ground covered. News flash, any asshole in tattoos and drainpipes can scream or gruttle his ass off in front of kids. It doesn't take a rocket science to make impressionable kids think your interesting just casue you happen to be on stage. I am not a fan of Metalcore, Shitmetal, Dorkmetal, death dork, whatever. To me it sucked then and it still sucks now. I could understand loving Joy division as a kid, but he was a epiliptic suicidal manic depressive, he wasn't posing as some poncy tattooed dork from the burbs,

So with Oliver Sykes allegedly urinating on girls whom diss his sexual advances, he might want to rethink his fucking game plan with his band. Or how he approaches girls to suck his dick. It wont be long before kids start offing themselves declaring it Suicide Season inthe name of their beloved band. This too will be nothing new and disgruntled parents will start pointing the finger at the band rather than at themselves.
There is a documentary coming out that I am excited to see about the Noweigan Black Metal Scene and the people whom build their lives around this sub culture. The directors did so by living with them and building relationships for a more intimate look into the music and get a deeper understanding of whatthe appeal os to some. Grindcore and all has it's place, sure. Yet when I am listening to music I want a fucking good riif and a dirty bass line over the drivel those dorks from Bring Me The Horizon do anyday of the week. I think it's reat to be young and angry at a world that doesn't understand you, sure. But if your going to express yourself through a tattoo make fucking sure you speak loud and clear and make your exact point. That is something that some young people have difficulty doing in the first place isn't it?

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