Monday, 30 November 2009

Dangerous Dog Or Dangerous Owner?

Today I read a story that a small child at the tender age of four was mauled to death by a dog. A 63 year old elderly woman whom tried to sepreate the dog and rescue the child is in hospital after the attack. Also alerted to police attention about the home pet, when they were told that dog breeding went on in the family home. The police never investigated it. A few days ago my dog was attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, while this stupid bitch stood idley by calling the fucking mongrol by name to no effect. My dog's lead was ruined and my partner's hand was injured. I lost my fucking temper and she scurried off as if I was the attacker. I see loads of people whom hve animals whom have no idea of the responsibility to rear a dog. Some virtulally have no control, tact or know how of how to handle a dog. But these animals are villiefied for no good reason. Ulitmately I put this down to the owner. As Joleene is my baby and pride and joy, she gets on with our two cats, and she is a very lovely animal. The best dog I have ever owned. But she is fed, has a regimented schedule and a dog walker. Annual vet visits in Holland park and a doggie passport.

Joleene to maintain does come at a price but it's not a massive one if you invest your time with a dog. Dogs seek approval and need a form of structure that is alotted to them. How kids on estates can keep and make a dogs aggressive in the same way as carrying a knife is both cruel to to the animal and crimminal. Yet in the last 12 months children have become victims to feral pets that were destroyed soon after the atacks. I told my partner if I see that bitch on the street with that mutt, I would do far worse to that putrid cunt. It's not a dogs fault, it's the owner. So before I start sounding like Cesar Milan a dog must follow in a pack and will mirror a behavior. learned from it's own invironment. I cried when I left Joleene for Paris for a week, cause I never have actually been away from her for more than I few hours or a day. She even has my slepping habits much to my partners chagrin.

The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 bans the breeding, sale or exchange of four kinds of dogs: Pit Bull terriers, Japanese tosas, the dogo Argentinos and the fila brasileiros. Cross-breeds of these are also covered by the law. My bog may appear to look like one of these dogs but she is a very docile creature. To see young people with choking collars and their aggresive behavior is heartbreaking to watch. Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond has a dog rescue for Pit Bulls whom are under heavy scrutiny in the states. Taking on something like this is no small task and is very admirable. I believe that dogs should be lisenced to owners and be made to verify both annual immunizaions and spade or nuetered. If dogs for breedign should pay a different lisince fee, as I have my own opinions of dog breeders, bad ones anyways. I can not get Joleene a playmate as she is a single owner dog, a a little princess so, out of respect to pooch, I must be a one dog judo chop, punch you in the jelly belly owner.

I donate money to Battersea dogs home and think it's amazing what they do. When Joleene leaves me I will fall apart, I know I will, cause I will miss our games, our talks and most of all her just being at myside looking at me to feed her or scratch her chunny belly. And hust her dog smile when chasing squirrels. Dogs are definately a man's best friend. Joleene was in a Coke Commerical and a Habitat catalogue so she has done some dog modeling. Yes I kept the money and believe it or not she got her cut. A trip to her pet store on Portobello and treats and food galore. But how could you not love a dog like this?

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