Monday, 16 November 2009

Attention K-Mart Shoppers!

Bargain basement bins will be soon stocking Madam Lambert's liquid disc of shit, For Your Entertainment. Which reminds me Adam, Dale Bozzio called and she wants her record album cover back, but will give it to you on loan if you bail her out of jail.
When I lived in Los Angeles and my younger years in Camden, I could never understand how some people thought this was an actual good look. The only people I have ever seen pull this off was Ganjuro Girls in Shibuya/Shinjuku/Harajuku areas in Tokyo.
This was always a look that fat goths choose to go out in during broad daylight. It's a look alright, somewhere between an outfit and a get up. Even worse is that these people probably really wouldn't listen to Miss Lambert's music in the first place. Why is it that these people whom where these good awful clothes always have some of the stupidest tattoos as well? Hopefully Clearasil will be sponsering Queen with Bad Skin Tour, cause bitch needs a soft box in front of his ass pronto. Queen with bad skin, hmm, where's Courney Love when you need her.

Like on America's Next Top Midget, i think Madam is starting off a little to old for this game at the gate, Perhaps he would have done better on Rupaul's Drag Race? Out have featured him in their Out 100 issue, and a bunch of other people whom I have ever heard of and probably never here from again. I actually don't read Out, cause I don't think reading Out makes me feel more akin to the gay community. I'm more of a Ampulove kinda guy, so good you'll read it with one hand. Below I think is a more appropriate target audience fan for Madam Lambert all soft and gooey, with no real reason to bitch about anythng. Am I crue? Oh well.

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