Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pretty Like A Drug!

At the church of Katie Jane Garside, she is a mixture many elements that clash and compliment the female psyche.
Lost angel, mythical creature, sexual siren and damaged doll, poet, are key elements to her allure and mystery. She is what she
is and there is no denying her talent. With the release of Queenadreena's latestDjin I have been a fan since her first band of Daisy Chainsaw.
Much like Bjork or Tori Amos, Katie Jane garners a cult like following and she is hands on with her fans offering art, comics, clothes, and music that is tailor made by her for you. Out of todays manufactured female pop stars Ms. Garside is something of extraordinary talent and originality. I am often mesmerized by her voice and the music she delivers, flipping the bird to the music industry by make her work a more personal platform, she is a true artist. If you get the chance to see the brite force of a Queenadreena show, or the soft beauty of Ruby Throat, it is a delight to see her preform. By any means go.

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