Thursday, 19 November 2009

There Is A Smack Over Here If You Want One!

Remeber the saying, Stop or I'll give you something to cry about? It's an epidemic of sorts. Well sort of. I can recall the good old days when you actually were afraid of your elders and manners were something that actually showed good breeding no matter what your social staus was? When people were not afraid to actually step in and say, "Look bitch what's going on with your demon seed, put a lid on it or I will!" The world has gone off kilter and people have lost their damn minds, where people are claiming impropriety and need a free tour of the STSS committee. What's that you ask, well it stands for Set That Suckah Straight! Although my father never beat me he was actually very creative in his ways of discipline for my brother and I. Still I have been introduced to the strap at one time or another in my formative years. Yet I can be considerate to elderly people when the time calls for it. Casuse old folks ain't to be fucked with. People beating a child is out of line and within the last 50 years its's gone from strict to strictly bullshit. Kids run willy nilly. The baby has peed in the bath water, and people are a little more than just miffed. God damn it they are not going to take it any more.

A mother In Arkansas called a police officer in an effort to try and control her 10 year old child whom refused to take a shower and go to bed. Basically the cop was called in to do her job for her. Once the girl stood her ground and challenged the police officer physically and allegedley kicking him in the nuts, he tazered her ass. A few weeks back a child was maced in the face by a transgendered crackhead tranny, whom warned the boy not to fuck with her. This happened in front of the boys mother. I mean it's obvious that this bitch was in a mood after walking around with that fucked up weave, wearing clothes that no pre-teen crack whore would be caught dead in. This all happened as the mother whom allowed the stand off on a Metro Line subway in Los Angeles to come to a boil. The mother showed no control or parental ability that displayed any kind of authority over her boys. I mean really, you shouldn't try it on with any kind of person more than 12 years older than you, especially if you're a child. So after many exchange of insults, Crackie had it and kept her word. PSSHT, right in the face. It's clear that the kids stepped out of line by making fun of a transgender crackhead, while the mother sat there like a tongue tied guest on Ricki Lake. A decent mother would have said to her brood, to be more tolerant and then speak shit behind the crack ho's back. Hello, it's called manners. I mean I can, and I can be much funnier. So chop chop and move it along. The transgender woman should have corrected the mother in checking her kids and leave it there. So moral of the story: do not fuck with trannys with htheir bitch on or any one older than you. We are not talking aout shoulda woulda coulda.

A few years ago a 5 year old school girl was handcuffed by police after school faculty could not calm her or restrain her. So the mother claimed that her daughter was treated like an animal, much like the father of the girl from Arkansas. Are your fucking surprised, cause your spawn acted like one feral little monster. Ok, it's not like they used a caddle prod and placed her in a bucket of water or anything. Don't get me wrong I like kids. I like kids to be quite and or at least considerate, a quality that most parents today lack. To be honest I don't think that most adults really don't know how to take care of themselves, let alone a child. There was the story of a gramps asking a mother to keep her squealing brat quite while he shopped in peace over at a Wal-Mart. Of course she ignored him after he said he would take matters into his own hands. So he slapped the two year old a couple of times. The kid got quiet. I get parents whom bring in kids to the shop and most behave themselves, others have no idea how to handle the situation. I have to ask them to remove themselves and the child. Why? Cause it's disruptive and completely unnecessary to have to make others listen to a child you cannot communicate with. Let alone, have a shril screaming child disrupt a workplace or public place for that matter. Like woman with double sided prams that force people to walk into the street, as if their child is far more important and that you must walk around them, because the width of their baby carriage is far to wide. How rude.

I don't agree with strangers walking up to children and slapping them like a "Whack The Mole" game for no good reason. I am not for adults beating kids with radio antennas either. But ground rules need to be set and the parent needs to get off the couch, change out of their muumuu from their vodka daze and raise the kid right. Hello mother have you ever met the discipline, it does wonders for kids. they might actually respect you. If I was a counsellor at brat camp I would punch them in the throat and hand cuff them to a tree, FOR THREE DAYS. I tell you what, they will change their fucking minds the next time they wanna act a damn fool. And if they fon't I will give them another three days to think te shit through and choose their words carefully. I actually think kids respond better to discipline, because they are sussed out as punks.

Are we surprised thats shows like Brat Camp and Super Nanny are so popular? Kids act tough, but once their bluff is called they fold like wet noodle and have no spine or ethic to really thinnk shit through. A kid tried it with me once and spit on my window of the shop. I followed him out with a pencil and said it's obvious your parents are not around to teach you to act like a grown man. So you choose to spit on my shop front and run like a little bitch, so here I am man to boy, what they fuck you going to do? I am right here in front of you. I told him I had no problem having it out here on the street cause he was old enough at 16, and infront of his friend I said he could have the first punch and kick me in my nuts.

Yet I let him see I had a pencil, saying that if he made the first strike, I had all the reason to defend myself and he instigated it by spitting on my shop front. Why, cause I kicked him out for being under age and did not give him any information about getting a tattoo. So I was well in my rights. After all I didn't shit or piss on his door step. So if I went to jail, I would practice homosexuality by choice, and with the cops around they would smell weed on him. Double negative. So if he wants to have it out, his ass would be forced to be someones bitch wether he liked it or not. He stared at me frozen cause he had never been challenged. I never flinched and he walked away as he said sorry. It wasn't like I was going to stab the little bastard. That's all I wanted him to say. I shook his hand and told him when he was old enough he could get the tattoo, but till them keep away from my shop. I think parents mean well in raising kids, and my parents tried. They really did. I will say I can be one selfish son of a bitch, so I will never have kids. But I enjoy their company and like the way the see the world and percieve things. When they start screaming, I am ready to throw myself out a 64 storey window. I still know that kids are kids, but kids don't really think of elders.

Every now and then you see the parent whom shakes the shit out of them in the stores. It's the dammedest thing. If you go to the 5;30 mark it's funny too.

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