Tuesday, 1 December 2009

WTF: Number 56

Why is this bitch famous? Ok so she had a pill popping horny drug induced Tv presenter for a mother and a father whom appears to want to heal the world. I have nothing against Bob Geldof and his band of the Boomtown Rats, and think Don't Like Mondays is genius. Yet I can't help but wonder, what would have happened if Bob there would have spent more time on teaching this chick something more fruitful to do with her life? But seriously are you serious? While trying to eradicate poverty he forgot to look into his own backyard garden, and fix a few things there first. It's amazing this broad hasn't ended up like Brenda Ann Spencer Money says she'll have a leaked sex tape out by the time she is 25. Not funny nor intelligent, but my mom says you should always say something nice. Ok, so I will without a court order. I think Peaches Geldof is prettier in person than her ham hock mug allows on TV or Print. She is living proof that the camera scientifically does not love some people. Now don't get me started on Fern Cotton.

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