Wednesday, 23 December 2009

To Review!

I will be the first to say that I have had a few knocks this year. Curve balls thrown in from the left at the first inning, that is this year 2009. An annus horrriblis A week long hospital visit. A certain tabloid and two dim witted fuckers thinking this would stop me and my shop. Strangers coming up to me. My partners mother's passing, while bureaucracy left me tied to the English land side. The developing of Repetitive Hand Strain, TMJ STress and many sessions with an acupuncturist and message therapist, made my body feel like on old chesterfield sofa low on stuffing. The dismissal of two employees and frequent visits to hospitals to visit sick friends, either kicked out of rehab or run over by utility trucks. The breakdown of a friendship, that was a really close friend at one point. My mother having a stroke and slightly altering her memory, this was heart breaking for me. To hear her voice, frail collected and happy but thinking she is 21 and I am just a baby. The big finnish was some moron thinking he was vengeance himself and showing up after a year claiming all kinds of nonsense. It was like being harrassed by Courtney Love, only more annoying at 2:00am by text message.

Despite all these things I am oddly optimistic, and looking forward to the closing of 2009, would I change any of it? Not one bit. Put it this way this year has been anything but boring. Still I have a smile on my face, and have learned a lot through this year about myself and the world I live in. There have been some really great things that have happened as well, yet I have learned to roll with it, and carry on. Rather than whinge and moan I simply went on with whatever I was doing. So I took pictures of things that brought me joy during this year and made me feel quite happy. Because of this I thought I would share them with you. For one i will never play or be the victim. I find it more comforting to still be aware of your surroundings and simply enjoy the life you have good and bad. I am at a place in my life that I have what I truly want, and I know some are not. Even though I am thankful and that feels pretty fucking good.

David and Alessandro at the Brighton Tattoo Convention setting up.

Snow storm in London fucking two extra days off fucking rad! London virtually closed down.

Joleene playing in the snow! It really is the small things that make life worth living.

Segan and I drunk at the basement of Trish's in Soho.

Pooch and I asleep.

Cesar over at Our Viv of Westwood, really digging this tattoo I did on him

Chips In Brighton at 3:00am

Artwork all over the streets of Brighton on a short break.

Making Momma Pretty! Yeah Baby!

Ok I think it's pretty cool to let your nephew or kid brother or sister dress you for an afternoon, but trying to palm it off as Shoreditch/Hoxton style is fucking stupid, I mean come on?

See what I mean?


Love walking through China Town to my favorite bakery.

Whats Up, Big Perm, I mean Big Worm? Classic!

Bartender at Resistance Gallery when I was showing some masks.

Never afraid of a little tit action!

My former apprentice David, at London Tattoo Convention

Future Client!

I totally love these tiles although I don't know why they have them in Hyde Park, but the make me adraid to sit on the toilet. They trying to tell me something?

Fuck Yeah The Jesus Lizard at ATP!

In Pigalle, Paris oui!

Me and the gals at The Brickies.

Yeah I know it's the fucking Eiffel Tower not mother fucking Watts Tower as my friend said.

Saw this poster in Paris and liked the mouth for some odd reason.

Seeing the Michael Clark Company at the barbican.

I call this shot Tippi Hedren

London really is the fashion capitol of the world at times.

Drunk girls in Paris.

Bren's birthday cake for me on my 41st birthday, he rules.

I like taking study photo's of clients sometimes they make really cool portraits.

He makes it all go away, in our hotel room in Paris.

The Tate Modern and a recreation of Keith Haring's Pop Shop!

Shopping At POW for their Fiesta Resistance Show.

Joleene in the morning!

riding the circle line

Lesbian Chic

Came across this walking the dog.

Watching Devo, and have to say they impressed me!


Doncaster Tattoo Convention Prick Booth!

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