Thursday, 3 December 2009

Well Said And Couldn't Have Said It Better.

Jeniffer Lopez, Britany Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Trump Angelina Jolie take note. On November 20th 2008 I became the legal partner to on Brendan Bernard Aloysios McCann over on King's Road Brydon Room Chelsea Old Town Hall, where many a rock star had their ceremony. After 7 years together I am still madly deeply truly in love with him, although I might annoy the shit out of him from time to time. I know hand over heart he does love me for me. My heart and love is his forever. Although he jokes about me being the wife, Pooch is my second wife. And it's a shame that governments in America still find the word marriage a sacred trust. It wasn't till I saw this speech spoken by NY Senator Diane Savino that she made a clear concise point, that hit the nail on the head. Home girl should get a bigger office. I believe it's not just people whom pledge their love so often that they forget the words for better or worse. Most mean till something better comes along, or till I Quit This Bitch! Good relationships are hard and difficult, bad relationships are easy to get. Simply look at the divorce rate. That being said I have my parents to thank, because they are still together and I know witnessing first hand, their relationship in close quarters. Good and bad through the years there is actual love. So when honest with my partner as scary as it seems sometimes I know I will be honest with him always. Yet, I vow to make him laugh and try my dammedest to make him happy. For the most part any way. So to celebrate our one year together as a betrothed couple we went to Paris to celebrate. In the seven years me and my partner have been together there have been alot of laughter, tears and hope for the future. I love the man with all my heart. Above is my favorite photo taken on the day we got hitched taken In Holland Park 3 hours before. So if your reading this Bren, I love you still, always and forever. Perhaps one day America will catch up with the rest of the free thinking civilised world.

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