Saturday, 5 December 2009

To The Hippies And The Cheap Seats In The Back Row!

Everyday leaving Liverpool Street Station I am always besieged by a plethora of do-gooders, armed with a clip board asking me for money on certain causes. As In theror and on paper it sounds wonderful, but practicality is anouther thing. Sure I give when I think it will make a difference. For instance I bought a homeless an dinner once and spoke with him about his life. That was kool. and gave him another f, to eat something later or spend it on whatever. He actually showed gratitude. Cause I spoke to him like any other person. regardless of my hot head temperment I care. Yet I do not bebelieve such thing like saving the planet and abolishing world poverty will make any difference. Why? Because "Man" has mandated certain aspects of the industrial age that is much harder to undue, and afraid that it's to late. Corporations and Progress are the the devils bitches. In order to have true equality in life across the board we would have to regovern, rethink and restructure. I hate to say it but people don't like change. When change comes along, people panic.

There is enough chaos in the world and yes, i creat a bit myself. Still. There are people whom just don't believe in fairness and equality. It wasn't till I went to Holland and saw how people lived that I understood the common good of community. So I dug this up up only further make my point. don't get me wrong, I recycle and try to do my part, But giving money to a organization that will only suck up my contribution in administration costs and wages, doesn't change my mind one bit. If you want to make a difference smile at some one at least during the day. I actually think the human race is abit shit, and kinda sucks. That doesn't mean I don't believe there is any good in the world, there is. I see it in my partner and my dog on a daily basis. As long as there are fucking shitbags whom believe, "he whom has the most gold makes the laws" may be true to some degree, yet I also believe that they also stand the chance of being beheaded like in the good old days. You remember when Mob mentality didn't mean raping and pillaging a community but fucking the shit out of The King and his Castle. If only this was still in effect now, I have a gut feeleing that the lynching/beheadeing of George W. Bush and Dick Chenney would make recorde sales on cable pay per view. Profit can have an ugly agenda when in the hands of someone who seeks it out for a different reason. Thats why I think this man George Carlin was a genius.

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