Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep!

Remeber the good old days in the sexual revolution when you could just have sex with whom ever? Safe sex meant locking the fucking door. The simple days of rolling over that strange one night stand on the way to the toilet and call that lovin. Ahh memories. The times my friends they are a changing, and like the information highway the progress of prudes goes with it. Thrid base isn't coping a feel anymore, it's a blow job. And remember when a blow job was $50 bucks, two dinners and a watch? The good ol days, wel for me anyways. Leaving some sluts to hold the dinner check unpaid, while fat cats in Washington have basically eating all the evidenece, after pigging out at the all you can eat butt-fey. Shame. Washington's District Of Colombia is now considered a "Prostitution Free Zone" an oxy moron if I ever heard one. I ain't ever heard of a free prostitute.
Shit, ho's got to eat and nothing is going on but the mother fucking rent, so divey up or it's straight to the news papers.

According to a new police enforcement task force anyone whom walks around with more than three condems could be arrested on "intent to sell sex". Like a said so much for being responsible sexualy active adult. Your now branded a whore if your caught with these little raincoats on your person. But I mean come on, guys did you forget that condems are sold in packs of three? I don't think it's really the prossies fault because this is a simple case of the "who came first chicken/egg" scenario. Believe me I think the horny chicken wanted to difinately come first. This really could open a whole new can of worms cause other cities want to follow suit. So this is where the there goes the neighbourhood fits nicely. There used to be some prossies whom worked up on Westbourne Grove and they were your typical roadside whores at about £25 quid a pop for a suck. I always wondered why they didn't doll themselves up like the whores of Hollywood, I mean they sparkeld, spanked and had loads of slap on. You know me I am all about the show.

I honestly feel there is no shame in legalizing sex workers. It would be about time. Cut to the chase, squeeze out the middle man. Give the girl a break as long as she was responsible and licensed and checked regularly, who's she really hurting? I really don't buy all that it degrades women feminist bullshit. Cause it was always a woman who was at the height of a sex ring ( Cynthia Payne, Mayflower Madam, Madame Alex, Hiedi Fliess, etc) to some of the most powerfull men in the world. If you asked me these were some very smart and shrewed broads. Sure she made her money but as long as the law books were written by men, she would be on the outs. I propose a million whore march or maybey slut pride. Now that would make great television of only to watch what they are wearing.

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