Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why I Think Wim Delvoye Should Be Forced Fed Pork Products WITH LARD And Porked Without Vaseline!

I have seem them ages ago, I am sure you have too. Yet It makes me angry that someone would do something like this to an animal. It's bad enough that gang members tattoo their dogs to claim ownershop and proclaim their barrio. Big fucking whoop.

Yet this jack ass whom is a vegitarian, whom tattoos pigs in China where animal cruelty restrictions are far less rigourous than the rest of the world. Who is a conceptual artist. I have a concept. Someone film me repeatedly kicking Wim directly and firmly in the crack of his ass. Ok I eat meat, yes, but I am not going to tattoo a pig or my dog and call that art! Especially since this moron isn't actually tattooed himself. And when is tattooing Louis Vuittonlogos on pigs considered a good idea? Oh yeah, it's a nice idea to do it to some poor creature whom has no free will and what is even more insulting is that he has someone else do the work. Damien Hirst on line one, wants to pickle the pig after he cuts in half and stick it in a box. Wow! Get on to Charles Saatchi and tell him it's free champagn he might buy one of your pigs.

A tattooed pig is not art, sorry. Now if you want to talk about art. The Yakuza preserve their skins of the family's and the artists work whom are affiliated with the certain family, creating an archive to the family ink One Yakuza Family has to stay with one artist, thems the rules. Now that is impressive. Why cause the person did this of his own volition, free will and has a conviction to give himself over. Much like the men of MS13 they are completely covered but are moving targets. Wim should be force fed lard loaded pork products and "porked" in the no no by his gaggle of pigs, DRY! Hell Yeah I said it. This is just wrong. For some reason Peta must have missed the boat with their Ink not mink campaign when it comes to Wim. I swear I am getting my bitch on when it comes to this idiot. Hey asshole if you want to have any shred of decency for the craft of tattooing. I propose you either stop tattooing these lovely creatures you don't eat, but are so willing to put through a process and pain they do not understand. Do not sedate them, and tattoo your mother or former ex-girlfriend or lack there of.

While I am at it, you tattoo without wearing gloves. WTF! Your a brave and stupid SOB. Hell yeah isaid it. This is so wrong, and I don't care if I sound like I am on a soap box, Its shit like this that gives tattoos a fucking novel reputation, fun for the moment, when the person doing this has no actual fucking respect for the craft it's self when he won't commit to doing so with is own body. When I was I kid we had a name for people like this. What was it? My Alzhiemers is kicking in, wait, oh yeah, poseur.

If I had it my way, I would call those dudes from rescue ink to kick your ever loving ass and hold you down against your will and tattoo the words "DICKLESS DORK!" all over your body you pussy! Someone slap me I feel my gay rage coming on. I need to sit down and breath and kiss my dog on the snout. Urgh! I need to smack this punk b**ch. Do the words Suiee mean anything to you? Probably not.

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