Thursday, 21 January 2010

My Dream Tattoo List!

I had an interview a few days ago and was asked whom I would like to tattoo, and for the first time in a long time I was quiet. Which is strange cause I have a big fucking mouth. I am always yapping and I myself was at a loss for words. Aye Caramba!
So I pondered and asked my partner whom I liked. I broke out in a cold sweat cause I never thought about it, I was always to busy tattooing people all the time to think, of who. Then I just took a trip into my own psyche and actually thoughtlong and hard. My list of who'ld I would like to get all buck wild with will never happen cause it's a fantasy and that is a different porno in a another dvd player. So you pesky lil pervs will just have to wait one day, that's what death beds are for. So I sat down for a solitary moment and wondered, whoo the hell would I like to tattoo. And then it hit me and the names came pouring out. So I posted these list along with my reasons. In no particular order. But I have my reasons and my reasons are my own.

1.) Dolly Parton- Cause I would like to squeeze her boobs (I know she;ld let me) and try on one of her wigs and sing a song with her after I tattooed her. And mayber get a picture of her with Joleene.

2.) Charo- Same as Dolly's and hear cuchi Cuchi in my shop, I'ld probably pass out from such glamour

3.) Vivienne Westwood- Need I say More

4.) Josh Homme- HOT, HAWT, My Get Outta Jail Card. Smokin, But i love my guy Bren so it'll never happen, even though he is straight! WOO HOO! A close second would be Jesse Hughs of Eagles Of Death Metal.. And they rock!

5.) Tom Waitts- This guy would give me a first class lesson in cool, and think he is amazing!

6.) Nick Cave-Man is a true artist. Like Mr. Waitts, a true maverick.

7.) Pj Harvey- Had my photo taken by Maria Mochnacz, her best mate, but I love this womans voice.

8.) John Waters- cause I think he's got great taste in music and just a funny guy and always love his films.

9.) Richard Prince- I love his work and think he's just a great artist. Plus he's a fan of Sonic Youth not to shabby.

10.) Joel Peter Witkin- My favorite photographer whose ex-wife was a tattooist, so fingers crossed I would be a shoe in. Although I wasn't a fan of her work myself but she tattooed his photographs.

11.) Nan Goldin_-Another favorite photographer whose work always gets me. Real human portraits.

12.) Tom Ford- Cause you know it would give him some dirty street cred, which I think he longs for. No one can be that prestine and handsom 24/7.

13.) Will Self- I love his writing and think the guy is pretty funny.

14.) Prince Harry- AKA Prince Hot Ginge. Cause me may have one already.

15.) Blondie's Deborah Harry- She's just it and way cool.

Tied with Robert Crumb, casue as a little boy I loved his drawings and ruined my dad Janis Joplin and Big Brother album by looking at the sleeve.

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