Sunday, 24 January 2010

Music That Shaped Me!

X were always a big influence on me. They sang of decay, glamour that has lost its youth, and stars losing their shine deep in the basin that was Hollywood and Los Angeles. It's where I wanted to be.
Amongst the broken and the dreamers, sounded like heaven to a plucky snot nosed brat from the bowel of Orange County. It was years later that I would move to the promise land and have a few run-ins, with Exene in her treasure trove shop, "You Got Bad Taste". Still when I hear this music it takes me back and I can smell the beer on the floor, the piss emanating from the men's toilet over at Hong Kong Cafe on a late friday night spending my wages on cheep boose and a good time. Yeah, baby, yeah! Somethings never change and that makes me smile. It was when I was twenty- five, that I professed my love for X by tattooing their logo, an Eld English X on my left side of my neck. X had it all and to this day I still love them like no other band.

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