Tuesday, 9 June 2009

For A Love Of The Game...

It's a tough game and man's sport. No padding, no huge shoulder panels, or helmets. Full body contact. When I first say it I have to say I was speachless. because it was raw, primal and very aggresive game. Passion and fighting played the field and I was sold. Rubg by is a game I love and never actually get bored of watching. Aussie Rules is alot of fun to watch, but fuck me the dudes are hot, even the ones that have a face of a Babboon's ass. Hot! Still this game catures my attention and my crotch. Unlike American football these guys play hard and on sight the conviction the display to take some one down or attempt to is riviting. Yes, I like when the brawls break out and punches and headbutt's are doled out to the playes and referee's, but the physicality of it all.. I can smell it. Unlike Ultimate Fighting Championships.. any brawny shit kicker can choke hold a moron til he taps out, or grapple him and drop kick his ass. This is different.

It takes skill percision, stamina and a tactic usually reserved for military combat. Jesus just typing this and thinking about it makes my dick hard. But the contact and the tackle seem overtly erotic without the campness of a Liza Minelli show. I have played Rugby twice and I loved it. My position was a hooker, (smiles) where I was in center of the scrum and attemt to hook the ball with my cloven hooves. The last time was i was a loose head.. Becasue I am so damn competitive I tend to go over board and like in Rugbt I lost my shit and kicked up. Still I had fun. I don't wear my Rugby suit anymore. But I had one and wore it to a themed Rugby night at a bar. I tell you that suit along with my tattoos fucking worked on my favor. There is a mystique about Rugby that really gets most men I think. You have the field and the opposing team as obstacles. Like in life you win soe you loose some, and no matter how hard the son of a bitch takes you down, you get back up again. Carry on and not dwell on it, forward motion, onward ho. There is just a full on force to this game, one that can not be played half heartedly. My favorite is the mud, the sludge and the muck make an exciting watch. To me this is better than actaul porn in some senses, becasue it sparks my imagination into over drive. I once made a firend watch for twenty minutes the RAF forces playing rugby in the mud when we came upon them in the park.

Becasue the game is not overtly sexual and is devoid of the glitz of American Hyper Sports, it excells in testosterone. And that is where I am forever a fan and follower to this flock. Then ther are the thighs..... umm, I have to go................ but check this machine out! Damn!

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