Saturday, 27 June 2009

Oi Shop Girl!

Shopping in London can be both a pain and a lot of fun. As I am approaching the big 41 (Someone fetch me my tombstone), I find it sometime tough to find things I really dig style wise. Ok, when at work I try and wear the uniform of jeans and a t-shirt kind, followed by traditional Adidas (shell toe) or Converse Courts, and My standard Vato old school Vans. But when I go out when I do, I am known to present myself in my glad rags and splendour. I loath fashion but I dig style, and as I get older certain clothes shops just don't suit my style or closet. When I got hitched to Bren, Vivienne Westwood's Son's Line Terrorist was my first choice to wear. They made my waist coat using Viv's remnant tartan that I wore in Ted/Dandy style. Mucho props to Barnsley and the gang. It was the first and only one they made using that fabric.
So now they have released a new batch of t's that are really cool. Based on Jayne County and the Electric Chairs.. "Fuck Off" song, when I saw them I fell in love. Child of the Jago is a shop that sells suits and clothing for the guy whom still has that rebel streak in him. Paired up with A bowler and the Bamboo Cotton with Silk stitched applique, and some prison blue Dickies..SHARP! A Child Of The Jago is located at 10 Great Eastern Street. Down the road the lovely Pippa Brooks has rocked The Quentin Crisp T in Mauve.. selling on Hackney Road at Mr. Goldstein at 67 Hackney Road...

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