Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Life In 24 hours!

I think it's a shame that one of the black communities shining beacons, and self proclaimed "King Of Pop" died a pill popping shrivel of an old white lady. Hopped on Morphine and other class A narcotics, and the Checking and Savings Account- I mean Prince what's his face, and Paris who's it at, are left to figure out the mess for themselves. To me he was an alleged Pedeo with a musical past that was once great but has himself to blame for the mess he's created. Cue Fame whores and Gold Diggers....
Poppa Joe Jackson left ot of the will..Ouch..What A BITCH!

Ok, if your going to fucking breast feed your hideous "Chud" of a child is there anything more ghetto than plopping out your paltry tit and feeding the brat right there and then. Jesus, lady, as natural as it is I don't exactly wipe my ass on the buss, so how about a little tact.

Hair do bands... Arrive in London,, via Coconut Teaser

She works hard for the money... Always something, something money, come on me, give me lots of money!

Non stop erotic caberet!

My Ghost

Black Cabs a necessary Evil in London

West London

It pays to advertise

view from a the tube..

My machines...the ones that work and the ones I use for different stuff...

Shop Refub, Apparently it does cost a fucking dosh to look this cheap!

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