Friday, 24 July 2009

There Some Hoes(shhh Underaged) In This House!

Back In the days of yore, or maybe yesteryear I forget, I hung out at straight strip clubs. I did this becase I found them fun and played actually better music than the crap they played in Gay bars. I knew loads of strippers, and them girls were always a hoot to hang out with and chew the fat. I even had a friend whom confided in me that she was arrested for stripping while she was still in high school. Hand cuffed they hauled her ass to jail in her "working clothes" and paraded her out the club in front of her regulars and other club patrons. This at the time was a funny story to me and she laughed it off as part of her colorfull history.

So now there is a story of making the rounds of a 16 year old runaway working at a gentleman's club called Cheaters in Rhode Island. Rhode Island, it's neither a road nor an island. Due to a loop hole it is not illegal for a minor of 16 to 17 to shake her groove thing and wiggle them titties along a pole to Foghat. Well as long as she is in bed and homework done by a reasonable hour on a school night. Now when your dancing to say Edith Piaf your a exotic dancer. Say dancing to Slayer, Black Sabbath or Nine Inch Nails, well then your stripping. Now ok, I know what your thinking.. but these are young girls true, and yet it was not me whom wrote the law in the first place. Some crusty ol white man did... and now the town is all up in arms about it and want to change the law.

Some over wieght down home country school marm is claiming that these girls are subject to abuse. Please, the abuse of her learing husband. This is also according to some findings of a study by the University of Pennsylvania found that sats 60 to 80 percent of strippers have been victims of sexual assault. Still to me this sounds a bit vague and not that concrete on proof. Not to say it doesn't happen, sure. Still if a girl wants to shimmy to bunch of pervs and horny men, ultimately it's her choice. If I was a young girl, I would have been a stipper for a short spell. Had my soundtrack and Clear Lucite heels picked out.
Most people think that when stripping is just a gate way to prostitution. Not Really. Just the real slutty ones move on to hoeing it up big time. There was a girl Veronica whom was always fired from stip clubs for fucking the customers. which is a big no no. Other girls hated her , well cause she was a big slut and guys would always think it Veronica does it, so will Amber, Tiffany, Brittany, and Yolando. Why are strippers always named Amber? But I have to tell ya that bitch could wear out a mechanical bull. She was riden more times than the Circle line at rush hour, Truth be told she was a nympho, and once caught her viabrator and mirror in my flat... Crazy,,,, cause It was my vibrator.

The school marm is probably worried about her husband circulating with young girls at these clubs . Strippers are the western form of Giesha.. It doesn't ake a astro physicist to flash her tits to make a moron empty out his wallet. Yet it does take a people person and conversationalist to make a good working stripper. Pressing your jugs against the cat walk to Metallica is just not enough, she needs to be on the ball. She has to be aware of world issues, current events. cup a cock with her butt cheecks and keep the make up dewey and not look like someting caught in the drain after doing two numbers.Not an easy gig. But it's amazing that it's unlawful for a minor of 16 to drive without a chaperone, but she can rub uo and down a 60 year old for a 2 minute bump and grind at £20 a pop. To strip you have to have a harder surface than say a wall flower of a girl, but try and pull some shit with a stripper and your bound to end up with a hell in your eye socket.

Do I believe a girl of 16 should be stripping in a club? Answer is NO! I don't, but if she is going to she is going to, whatever her reason. Most peole whom complain and bitch about strip clubs have never really spent time in them and had any kind of fun for that matter. Icall these people Fun Sponges, they suck they funout of everything, Avoid like Swine Flu.
I do believe that stripping is a service that provides entertainment. But after a chick is married her tits belong to one man.. Before marriage community titty. I do love that strippers have some of the best and worst tattoos. I always tipped strippers on these factors.

1) Scabs, Stab wounds, Bullet Holes, and Scars
2) Tattoos
3) Tits
4) How slutty her outfit was, sluttier the better, cause I wanted to try it on myself.
5) Pole Perfomance. Cause the acrobatics is just a plus...

So I salute you woman of the pole. One of my favorite books is Carnival Strippers By Susan Meiselas, Capturing the hard and the human of the days of the Girlie Shows of the early 70's. BUt these girls worked more like prostitutes serving up "Lunch Boxes" at just a dollar a lick and baby wipe and on to the next dude.. Still this is a brutal and loving portrayal of woman whom found them selves cast with a scarlet letter.

Work it out .. Go baby go!

But I say this.. Watch the girl,, Tip her Hard, Tip Her Mean, Tip Often, Just tip Her!

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