Monday, 27 July 2009

Slightly Slutty Behavior

Growing up during the 70's I remember actually sitting through my first porn start to finnish(before I heard of Fast Forward on the remote) and it featured a woman called Vanessa Del Rio. Ms. Del Rio at the tender age of 14 decided that when she grew up she was going to be a whore, not just any whore but a big famous one. Vanessa Del Rio is to porn what Dolly Parton is to Country Music. She put the cunt in country. Taschen released 50 Years Of Slightly Slutty Behavior about 2 years ago and the book goes for a whopping £400.00 sheckle. Art editions go for a $1200 with numbered prints and a autograph from the Hall of Fame performer. one lucky winner will recieve a private date with Vanessa whose book contains the golden ticket. She is all chikka chikka boom, in all the right places, and one of the last vestiges of the golden era of porn, if you know what I mean. It's amazing that most gay guys don't watch more straight porn. I did, in fact I'm watching some now. For me she taught me everything I needed to know about blow jobs, well her and the guy down the street from me that worked at the supermarket. I used to go down to the dudes house and hang out in the garage with stolen beer and re-inact what I saw on him sans the hot chica accent. It's just I didn't have the luscious moobs that all men my age have now to play around with then. To me Vanessa is a pure sex Icon.. What I love most is that even know she is still as vampy, campy and most importantly trashy as ever. She's also collected a few tattoos along the way. She is a true maverick and spitfire... I bow at her bountiful chi chi's

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