Thursday, 16 July 2009

Looking for love in all the wrong places...

We've seen them.. Dorks whom post photo's of themselves, in what I like to call "el photo grande delecto", but the one question that always leaves me begging is. Why? What The Fuck. Ok, people when your going to post a picture of yourself for sex it should be said that you should be highly creative and imaginable. Use trickery, photoshop, good lighting, professional glam squad what ever. But there are a few whom lack a certain, how can I put this. Fuck it their natural habitat looks like something from an "America's Most Wanted" set or even worse "Cops". Lurid Digs places the worst of the worst.... Let's scale the evidence and problem areas shall we?

Ok, what you doing? This shit looks like what happens to guys whom OD on Andrew Llyod Webber. Forever in Phantom In My Opera-etic ass! Not sexy, not a good look and not in a millin years.

(Hangs head in shame) I'ld rather be fucked by the lava lamp. I bet he's got a bong somewhere not far off and probably lives with his mother! The girly Barbizon Modelesque pose is just as frightening. Work it Girl!

Ok this is some "The Shining" shit for gay guys.... lures you in and all hell breaks loose from the corpse that is forever trapped in the murdered bedroom.

My eyeballs hurt with this one. With the guys power drill in grandma's kitchen that time forgot. Nothing say's "fucking drill me you neck bone chewing, Folger coffee drinking son of a bitch, like this fucking guys photo...Batteries not included.

This fucking wreaks of John Wayne Gacy and I would really check the living room for squeeky floor boards and unusual smells coming from the back yard. You might want to rethink this guy offering you a drink in his home ar any place else for that matter.

Proof positive that Catholic Priests are nothing more than power bottoms! That said I am down with OPP! Oh Please, Put It AWAY!

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