Friday, 24 July 2009

Attack Of The Lycra Clad Dork

Zoiks, spider senses tingling and can some one check Michael Jackson's closet.. Just the thought of that dude bouncing around on that physio ball is the stuff of nightmares.

Ugh, excuse me are we a little tea pot? Maybe something a little more low cut and sexy!

This looks like what happens to a gay guy whom steels his 12 year old sisters gymnastics team uniform. Just add twirl baton, and call his mother. Bitch looks like he's od'd on team spirit.

Meet beyonce's costume designer.....

Blind Melon's Bumble Bee girl gine butch! Borrowed from Michael jacksons closet. Tranny Butch Bear and his trusted sidekick
Power Nerd!

With Sites like Hard Heroes and Super Hero Fights I am suprised like how many dudes buy into that stuff. Lycra has become a fetish that I always thought kinda attracts the UBER NERD much in keeping with the Super Dork. A room full of lycra clad men whom dress in, well Lycra, posing as heroes, athletes, and other nerds from parallel universes and other demensions. Looks to me like a room full of guys whom've know idea of how to talk to a guy without giving him his credit card number, let alone drop to their knees and suck a cock. Although I am with a guy whom would never admit he is a Trekkie, he isn't a nerd, nor dresses in lycra. This scene is of bafflement to me. Kinda like the saying, I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. Now, I find it wierd and scary and just a little stupid.

Plot lines, Villians, Heroes, Caped Crusaders all good fetish fun to those into it. Well to me, "Dork Your mother called and she wants the car home by 9:00pm and don't forget a carton of cigs and some tampons too." Lonely dudes whom never really had sex with no one other than Catholic Priests or guys whom work in I.T. Just imagine sex in a basement was their mothers moth balls smell wafts in, as the soft purr of a humidifier works away in the corner. You would think that the man on man ratio would be pretty good, but I have a feeling that these dudes also bust out with the dungeons and dragons kits and speak in Ye Olde Tongue from Outer Nerd-go-lia. Scripted, and blocked for a certain ambiance. I always think yeah in fantasy perhaps, and my imaginations works pretty well. But in reality, no way. Dark alley, and lots of booze works for me! What can I say I am a cheap date,

Still there is the thought of having to conted with a room full of cameltoe. Jesus, that even hurt to type that. Still I think me drunk in a room of lycra clad men in costume would be a bad idea. Cause my mother used to say, "if you don't hav e anything nice to say sit next to Henry."

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