Monday, 20 July 2009

Leather Beauty Contest Censors Slightly Slutty Behaviour.

I have been to IML/International Mr. Leather, or as I like to call it Pretty Pretty Leather Beauty Contest aka Chicago's Next Top Leatherette, is never been a high point on my social calendar. But as I keep aware of issues and topics pressing the world. I found that IML have upt the anti, by banning all and anything remotely related to and with Barebacking. Did you clutch your pearls, count your leather jocks, or just find yourself on the floor at the foot of your computer? Barebacking seems to be a sore point with some in the gay "community" and to others simply a fetish. Well, you can imagine the tirades some posted and with equal accolades in doing this "bold move" to this years event. I thought it seemed well a tad silly, and here is why.

At present Bareback porn outsells standard straight porn three to one some say by two measures. To an outsider this seems perfectly normal as our "straight" counterparts, barebacking is not even an issue and has been pretty much the norm to place the condom on the sideline. When I worked in porn (straight and gay), the "talent" was tested monthly and had to show documentation to both the partner and the production assistant collecting the info and copying said little pass for nasty time. If a chick or guy come down with a Positive result, needless to say that the companies would stop shooting for about a six week span, to see and trace the steps of the actors involved. Piecing together this coupled with the others whom had worked with others etc., etc. it wasn't uncommon for a girl to request a condom during a scene, but that also entailed she would earn less money as opposed to the chick that would do the double anal, double vaginal, boy-girl- boy scene and a full facial.

Our straight male counterparts like and buy condom-less porn. To me I leave it to the professionals. Slutty is as slutty does. IML assumes that by banning bareback porn that it does not advocate the promotion and practice of barebacking. Fair enough and understanding to their point of view. Although I have been to IML, I myself have never been to the pageant, because it just seemed stupid, dumb and boring to listen to some queen bang on about "World Peace" in chaps and his local leather bar sash To me the whole beauty contest just seems so gay.. Gay got gayer. I mean if your going to vote for a guy I would have them wrestle each other ala Naked Kombat. Heats to get me into heat. This whole boot boy, Mr. shoe shine & what ever just seems a little out dated. So it's no surprise the events that surround the IML pageant are alot more fun than watching that shit, but this is just my opinion. But according to one blogger, he felt that banning bareback porn companies from having stalls in the market place were the wrong people to ban. "But if the powers-that-be at IML are going to start banning stuff from the Leather Market, gee, how about starting with the fucking disgusting bestiality porn that was being sold by one vender? The bestiality porn that was being played on a video monitor prominently placed near one of the exits? The bestiality porn you had to walk past to get to the food. " I was shocked... truly lost for words, and completely beside myself! They had FOOD THERE! I couldn't believe it... well perhaps if I got my fucking knees and pulled the cock out of my mouth I would have probably noticed. But still, FOOD?

I could understand this point if this actual event was say organised by say something like The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, or even the Amfar yet from individuals whom own bars and bathouses. It's a bit dubious coming from business men whom have made a profit from the aspect of men looking for hook up/sex. Some have claimed that this is nothing more than a certain type of censoring, and a chosen few over stepping the boundaries of what two or twelve consenting adult choose to do in the privacy of where ever. Yet before people start throwing around words like "community" and "pride", I think those chosen few should toss a long hard gaze into the pool of their own reflection. With the threat of Meth and other factors blamed for this supposed surge in the interest of barebacking, some have even used the world cult. With older generations having been dealt a heavy hand with the loss of many friends and family, I can see why they view this as a threat and a loss. To younger generations they are just not as fussed and view this a nothing more than a disability. What ever the reason, it's primarily the individuals. And most individuals whom visit the IML event aren't going for the shopping on Magnificent Mile or a Chicago Cubs game. Sex is a key factor in the events.. So for them to cloak these things in "Leather Conferences", Flag Ceremonies and what not, alot of the patrons are there for the social aspect of getting off their rocks. Still of your going to get your message out.. you should try at least attempt to be taken seriously, rather than do what this dip shit did. Cause, yeah, nothing says I am a purposeful queen with a cause, but still like to have my ass ridden like a mechanical bull, when you look like this

If it were something other than a sex factor, I am sure the dress code would be not as enforced. So people can pass blame and hold a resentment to companies that may outsell there own products. Even when they themselves are willing to sell older archives of films that were made during anfd before this whole thing.. Still no matter what side you stand upon their is going to be a view point. I believe that it is up to a individual to look at all the aspects of his choice and the consequences involved once making that choice. When Treasure Island Media won best studio and head Honcho over at Titan refused his Lifetime Achievement Award due to TIm winning the head gong, caused a big stir. This is not like a mysterious question like who the fuck buys Vanessa Mae or Jack Johnson albums, cause someone is. But the fact that porn (for me and to some ) nothing more than a visual... not real life. Besides the stance although some may think commendable. There are those whom think just because you work in porn, your no different than that of some one of ill repute.

This is a big tar baby for the the gay brotherhood. No matter the ban is not going to stop guys from doing it, buying it or even thinking about it. I actually think that the gay "community? fan the flames of this proposed lifestyle that perpetuates this invincible lifestyle and non stop party. I enjoy the films of TIM and Hot Desert Knights and Slut Machine, cause there is just guys having sex. No plot. No glorious location, little dialogue, just fucking. No need to press the fucking fast forward as say the films of Titan, and Falcon that become more and more homogenised and just generic. Two arty just doesn't become believable or sexy. Still I am sure that there is just more than the posturing of this stand, on the whole that has a little more to do with two generations at logger heads and a resentment in monetary sorts.

Paul Morris is one smart son of a bitch, an elusive entity more like a Circus impresario with the creed of P.T. Barnum.. "There is a sucker born every minute", just not the type of sucker Mr. Barbum meant.

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