Friday, 24 July 2009

A Word Of Warning!

I come across stupid people every day. We all do. But somehow I was just not born with the component to deal with stupid people. Short of bludgeoning them cave man style and dumping their sorry ass's in the River Thames. I speak with them and try to have a dialoguw- That's a fancy word for trying to communicate with them in a way that makes them understand where I am coming from and vise versa. So when you have one dumb bitch in what can only be decribed as an outfilt/get-up that her blind four year old sister made, asking for a discount. Well, this would make for a comedy/tragedy scenario, with me being the comedy and the tragedy is that they walk away, well being quit tragic. I am no snob but if your going to reason, please have a valid argument and point behind it. Otherwise, Booyaw!
So homegirl scoffs at a price in her nasel twang, stating she can't believe a tattoo would cost £70 and in her Germany that is is much much muh, much much and one fucking more MUCH cheaper, and that she was entitled to a discount. I smile and simply say, "Free country, You ain't nailed to nothing and there is no gun in my hand. So ergo, you can go to "back" to Germany." She argued that I was being rude after I explained to slow bitch that the price is based on size placement, detail. and it's not we pull a price out of our asses. "You are soooo ruude!". she spat. Rude, she hadn't seen nothing yet! So, I simply explained, (and by simply I mean I didn't jump over the counter and drop kick the bitch) that I would not go into a resturaunt and scoff at a price on the menu when trying to order food. What would be inconsiderate would be doing so and asking for a discount and foisting my own personal agenda, because I am not taking to account the person's business. Still this was met with deaf ears. And she kept saying rude this rude that! So I fucking let it rip. " Look whats rude is you standing before me blinding me with those fugly ass clothes, and asking for something as if you have such a great sense of entitlement." Now if you want rude, I will give you fucking RUDE! For a fucking German, she sure acted like a Jew!
Do not ask for a discount off the bat, because it makes you sound like you can't afford it. That's the truth. Good tattooists will always be willing to work with you and meet in the middle ground. It's always the ones whom are concerend with price, yet they don't want to catch AIDS or want to see work and will fucking tire kick a design to the death. I am not saying loosen the purse strings but you get what you pay for. And If I got my butch on, stand back cause I might have to get my nelly flame on, and it ain't pretty,

There is a rule I always remembered:
Most people looking for a tattoo want $200 worth of work, when the want to pay $70, and have about $400.
Communication is easy with a tattoo artist, but if you happen to have your head up yer ass, then your going to meet a struggle.
Relax and just talk to the guy/girl and just be your self. Just do not piss me off!

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