Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!

When I started this blog.. I thought ok it would be a piece of my twisted universe that I could keep as my very own. My beacon, my corner, my voice for all you to poke at with your judgemental sticks. But I am finding that as Henry Hate is more a brand and a mask, I myself am not a hateful person. Hot head, blowhard, sarcastic asshole at the drop of a hat? You bet when the time calls for it. But I care, I care about you and I care about my life, my friends, my home, my world. So it was over the weekend that I had a long hard think about certain issues that make me think about the current matters that are pressing the world. Yes, it's true in between my drunken stupor and hair-brained schemes of being the evil genius, i try and contribute to dare I say it...."The GREATER GOOD"!
I bow at the church that is Vivienne Westwood, not because I find her clothes more than just works of art. I bow because she is an incredibly talented and incredibly bright and intellectual person. she's started a sub culture that has morphed into a caricature of it's once glorious self, yet she has moved on, moved away, but still retained her ethic, more so than any of those shit heads whom believe they are ever and oh so painfully PUNK ROCK! Friday night My Lady Of Westwood went on Jonathan Ross, at her own request to talk about certain issues that concerned her and to raise awareness to those whom are inundated with media imposed propaganda. She stated that if people chose wisely in their purchases in clothes and other items and spent less on mass produced items.. people would actually have more money, and keep things longer. This I find to be true. As certain corporations tend to formulate things that have a life span that require you to replace things faster and faster for profit and dividends. The main component that gets lost is craftsmanship and the small business finds it harder to survive next to big business let alone compete.
So she raised the flag about her manifesto.. that articulates what you can do to make this world a better place. To have a better understanding about the world we live, and that once that happens, we as people would also benifit with each other. Right on sister! She asked that people sign Prince Charles Rain-forest Project, to which I have done and put my name up. But the thing that struck me is that we as people are force fed things to believe in the digital age and that corporations now act as these entities that become almost human to devour and cultivate the must have. When I was at her son's shop A Child Of The Jago Joe Corre believed that people buy shit that looks cheap and develop this mentality that we must consume because the price is to good to pass up. Here is where the old adage rings true. They don't make them like they used to! Beside with all these massed produced things every thing and everyone starts to resemble each other.

So here is what I try to do...
1.) I try and support small business's and try to encourage craftsmanship and barter-ship with fellow trades men.
2.) Never go into shops on the high street like the Gap, Starbucks, Mcdonald's, Topshop, or any other chain that has more than one store in a two square mile radius. Corporate free shopping. I familiarise myself with the neighbouring business's and support them. Except for that bitch around the corner and his sorry ass!
3.) Buy foods that are home farmed and locally produced or try to. Cause you know I love to EAT!
4.) Be an eco conscious shopper. So clothes that I wear aren't made by a six year old children whom are fired for going to the toilet or pregnant.
5.) Recycle and make my business as Green as possible. Most of the stuff in my shop is either recyclable or incinerated.
6.) VOTE, because we need to stick it to the man! Be informed...
6 1/2.) Support independent music and cinema, galleries and artist. Let's face it Tom Cruise and Will Smith movies suck bigger dick than they do.
7.) Use things that are around me and look at second hand goods...I love junk and old clothes..
they are just made better and last alot longer.
8.)Pick up after my dog. Cause life makes us feel like we're knee deep in shit already.
9.) Give small change to organisations that I think matter. Battersea Dog's home etc.
10.) Read, stimulate my brain.

Well that's just the start,but it's something. In my life i have tried to avoid turning into some soy seed eating, head band loving, Patchouli wearing hippy. But despite my efforts we share more in common than we think. Perhaps this little hot head here is growing up..Great! A bad back, a constant complaining disposition, grumpy at small children with a knack for creaming at 8:00a.m,
I hate when my mother is right!

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