Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Peen Goes Green, If you know what I mean?

Turning tricks is not easy. And tricks is not for kids! You have the johns whom want the supreme platter.. Suck and fuck in four positions (AT Least). Those whom just want head and those whom want you for the whole night. The nerve. So many cocks to little time. When I worked in a brothel with these girls I remember one whom was called Chakah (her alias) saying, "When I get sore around the lips, I move to my other lips or ass!" My jaw dropped but quickly quipped, "Hips or Lips, toot toot hey, beep beep?" So turning trick sounds like an easy gig till your standing in front of a 83 year old with a walker and air tank attached. That too happened to a friend of mine when she worked in a brothel in Vegas. So god love them working girls. They earn ever penny. I was surprised to hear that a brothel in Germany is going green. Maison d'envie is offering a $7.00 discount or £4.70 discount to all patrons whom arrive by bike or public transport. Cause times is hard and hard dick has to be frugal in times of nastiness and sexual temptation. And Ho's gots to make a living and good on them for doing their part in lowering carbon emissions and green house gasses. Brings a tear to my eye. Being that driving up to a girl with your pesky gas guzzler is so last season. The new one is that they guzzle you should you approach them on a bike or valid tube pass ticket. But give me a broad standing in a large window bathed in red light any day, and I will give a a floor show to remember.

With this said and done the place looks legit and at least you can get rolled without having your wallet rolled at say £65.00 quid a pop..not counting extras for your freak-a-zoids. I'm all for legalisation of sex workers.. I mean come on.. those lips don't gloss themselves honey! Clear Lucite heels in every colour cost paper fo reals. Have you seen the price of ho make up these days...astronomical to say the least. Apparently it does cost a lot of dosh to look this cheap. So to get your Ho stroll on can definitely lower your carbon foot print, even if you can do it with a big cock shoved in your mouth. With prostitution legal in Germany, 400,000 registered sex workers peddling their "goods", I always thought that them Germans are some horny little freaks, ahh bless.

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