Monday, 20 July 2009

A day in the Park..

Hyde Park is a Mecca for my dog to chase the ever elusive squirrel and spend some down time to blow off steam and try and run her little paws off. For me and my partner it's a quiet time that we can enjoy together conversing and sharing while we have a picnic... cause Gay, they like the picnic. Any ways, every year we look forward to the
Serpentine Gallery
Pavilion that is changed annually and designed by a renowned architect that does not have a permanent structure within the city. This year we got a double whammy. This years pavilion was designed by the SANAA team of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa. Last years was Frank Gehry, that was stunning and my favourite by far.. He is also my favourite living architect. The Gallery held the first solo exhibition of Jeff Koons showing the Popeye series. It was a beautiful day to have a cold drink and let Joleene enjoy the park as we relaxed in the temporary pavilion. The first and only program of its' kind in the world. The high polished aluminium blends into the scenery of the surrounding park and reflect the light accordingly. All materials must be recyclable and free to the public.

I am a fan of Mr. Koons work and did enjoy the pavilion as you can judge for yourself. The whole propose of the pavilion is that is be a public space and cafe during the day and a place for readings, movies and concert events in the evening. This was by far the coolest in terms of keeping people cool temperature wise and the really cool use of natural light. Koons worked seemed to perplex loads of people and what really pisses me off in galleries is when people feel the need to put their fucking grubby mits on the pieces. How rude. Some one hand me a tazer. Still the work reflects the humour that Koons has and his oil paintings were fucking proper. i walked away with an influence and a great day in the park..

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