Thursday, 9 July 2009

Who's on Fourth... Third base!

In Trafalgar Square the New piece went up where Antony Gormley uses actual live statues(real people) in stead of the Steel sculptures he's famed for went up a few days ago. So far 23,141 people have applied for the coveted 2400 spots on the plinth. The plinth has been empty at times due to roaming pieces that have been displayed here with no real permanent structure taking residency here. My fave was the limb-less pregnant woman statue by Marc Quinn. Because I find beauty in the grotesque. The dumbest plinth piece was the "Hotel for Birds". Because apparently not enough pidgeons are shitting on tourist out in Trafalgar Square. Upon the opening ceremony of "One and Other", some guy took it upon himself to steal the first bitches thunder, and protest his concerns about, are you ready for this-ANTI SMOKING I mean here is the opportunity for England to be British and could have just tazered his ass of the plinth For all our enjoyment, before the first official plinther took the platform. Sculptor Grayson Perry was there as his alter ego channelling Courtney Love(sans eating disorder or prescription drugs) on a good day to share in the fun and frolic.

In the past there has been some rather shit pieces there, and this kinda wreaks of a David Blaine stunt. My partner and I went to see that as well and was pretty bored. In the ideology of instant fame, myspace and reality stars, this is a platform for the individual to seize his/her 60 minutes of fame. Round the clock 24 hours a day for 100 mind numbing days. Now some tend to have certain statements and causes of concern to raise more awareness while on the platform, others are hoping to do god knows what. And here is the BUZZ KILL, you can't do anything illegal while on the platform. Some people are nothing but fun sponges, and suck the fun out of everything.

In theory this sounds like a good idea and the live feed from the plinth can be seen world wide.
The artist himself applied via the websites lottery but wasn't lucky enough to plant his ass on the plinth.

Me If I were picked.. I would go up there and paint the most pornographic pictures and just get plaster drunk, bitching about whatever crosses my mind. I dunno but it would have to be meatty. I mean drinking is a favourite British past time. Mine too. Time to make momma pretty!

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