Thursday, 18 June 2009

Why The Fuck Would You Do That To Yourself?

We've seen them. Made fun at them or even in a side parting glance cast judgement. But I am still on a fucking moan about that silly broad whom claimed to have fallen asleep while having her mug done. Stupid is as stupid does. So as a tattoo artist and honest person, yes I have my off days were nothing goes right. My tattoo machine fucking decides to work every which way but the way I tuned it. My concentration is off or I am over thinking a piece, this is where I get off and tell the customer, look, I am sorry. i tell them the truth and arrange another session to where I am not burned out or consumed with what ever is going on technically that I can't just ride the crest of making them happy and find my crative flow mojo. Although tattooing a piece you are really into is an enjoyable expierence, it' s still work.
So I come across time to time other tattoos that make me think, "step away from the crack pipe and fucking take a moment to capture your head guy". One dude even insinuated that I had called hime a cunt just becasue I said I would not be a part of this stupid choice. One, I never call a guy a cunt, and two I thought although I don't really know the person I just thought they should deserve a little more than what they were asking for. Some people just want stupid shit. And although I run a business I watch their body language and facial expressions to see just how they emote what they are saying and see if both body and speach line up. Most of the time it doesn't, some listen and others don't. But I saw this and thought ok this in theory doesn't make sense. Where do we draw a line for certain people when it comes to governing what we put on them as a permemnant tattoo? When that bullshit show Tattoo You airs most remember me for refusing that guy the tattoo of the word "cunt".

The truth I thought the guy was a dip and was manipulated by the production team and virtually put on the spot. Apparently this make more interesting veiwing. Trying to tell someone you have more optiona and choice than this a hard sell and like pulling teeth for some individuals. Titan Media have found themselves an new science project in the name of Titus. I would have though a porn name Cornilius McFucking Fugly would have worked alot better than Titus. Surpassing Francois Sagat's scalp tattoo, which I think is pretty cool but tattooing his mug with some bullshit black in the form of a gladiator mask, black band gauntlets and wonk tit stars. It's very distracting where all I think is WHY? This calls for a paper bag fuck session cause i think the paper bag over his head would work and make him alot hotter. Maybe Buttwiper beer case box...mmm most definately the box. As Fracois tattoo actually compliments his head, and his back ground it's an ingenious way to comabt male pattern baldness and having to got to the babers for that all important fade, high and tight.

Here are some other gems people have decided to place on their skin.

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