Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Shit Stain Of The Month!

It's official, Adam Lambert is nothing more than a shit stain on the under wear of life. I ought to know I sniff em. This mother fucker lapping it up with that fucking retarded (sorry people with learning dissabilities) pose and lack luster interview. Nothing shocking, and apparently way cooler to wait for Rolling Stone to make your official debitante announcement. Yeah fucking right! It's no fucking suprise, Ray Charles can see that that mother fucker is as gay as pink suede, and he's dead and blind. Making cock eyes at Kris Allen's crotch. Pot smoking, fungul mushrooms and deep revelations at Burning Man, and the big finnish with Idol being the quickest way to be taken seriously. Hmm. In Hollywood the quickest way to be taken seriously, is to blow a fat line of coke off a record exec balls and let him seriously take you from behind.

There really anything that made me want to like the guy, ok, so I rarely like anybody and am hard to please. But I thought I would give the guy a chanve and hear him out. that's £4.00 quid and twnety minutes I wo'nt get back.
Lambert states that he's "an entertainer", annoyingly so. But if you ask me this all reeks of Clay Aiken ass fist juice. both will end up as theatre cronies. Not a bad gig but they are made for that. I don't see him really breaking any ground. If anything some poor kid will think it cool to over accessorise and wear eyeliner some where like Lincoln Nebraska, ahh bless. But if Lambert had balls he would shut his fucking trap and keep his ass in the air while he is upon the wave crest of 18 months of fame. And fuck as many has beens and famous people and wait a few years, then write his memoirs from his motel room. I am sure tweens and queers with musical taste of a six year old girl will buy his cd. But eventually, they too grow up sand the gays with six year old musical taste.

When I was a kid I read Cream, Circus and Rolling Stone, and moved onto Flipside and Fizz. When music was still fucking good, all before shit like this asshole. But as Rolling Stone pretends to be a rock n roll magazine, it is anything but a thinly veiled disguise for middle of the road, right wing white wash sentiment and drivel crap. Not Cool.

I am not a fan of Daughtry either., that guys music sounds like shit that Fire Fighters and Cops like as they hang out at Buck's Bar B Que Grill and Bar. Sensitive pony tail guy rock out music. I think guys want to see the liberation of Adam's dick rather than hear that shrill voice scream.

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