Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Beware of dumb broads seeking money!

Today scalling the papers I came across a story that I found utter bullshit. At first I thought Wow, how could this happen. Then it it hit me. I think there must be some baby pee in the bath water. Once again this bitch has succumbed to Stupid Bitch Disease. This story makes tattoo artists look like predatory heartless money grabbers and really pissed me off. Meet Kimberley. only a plucky 18 year old wanting her face (yes) tattooed with three stars on her upper brow. She claims to have fallen asleep and that the tattoo artist took it upon him self and the liberty to tattoo her with count em 56 stars expanding to the whole left part of her face. Sure the guy has facial tattoos, but he claims she asked for this procedure and paid and was fully aware of what was going on. The fact that he tattooed her face is one thing, but for £55.00 quid. Fuck thats cheap for a face tattoo. You could get a beauty mole and that would cost you £65.00 here in my shop. Again we have a policy of face and necks, so home girl would have been met with a firm no and left.

Now she claims to have fallen asleep while he tattooed her face. I have had my temporal lobes tattooed and there is no way that ANYONE could fall asleep. Why? Cause the shit hurts like a motherfucker that's why. She said she awoke to a nightmare but this sounds like an alibi that she spoon fed her family to get out of this stupid decision. Three stars should only take twenty minutes at most to do... but this looks as it were stenciled on but I can't imagine this tattoo artist free hand them on and again there is the nerves to the face that would make this highly uncomfortable to sit through, let alone relax.

It's obvious that you have two fuck wits and that spells a recipe for disaster, cause the guy should have known better. But I find that the media are that gullible and naive to think that this chicks story sticks. Bitch should have tattooed "Dumb Bitch!" on her fore head, cause that is what she is. An 18 year old girl asking for a face tattoo WTF! The nerve of that fucking broad. If this happened to me in my shop I would have fired his ass, but I have a beef with certain tatttoo artists whom have this hooker mentality with out any kind of ethics to their work.

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