Sunday, 31 July 2011

Does Goes Gay Music Suck?

I will admit that Elton John, Freddie Mercury and even Michael Stipe have made some shear genius tunes. Yet While I was in L.A. I came across some music that was a pain and a fucking chore to listen to. I don't get the whole dumbed down prissy Glamour of the Madame Lamberts or even the Disco Sheen of Cazwell or Colton Ford. If I were a tween tranny with a perpetual boner and a drug habit I might like it. At lest I could say the drugs make the shit sound better. Yet Even Euro pop of Azis and Kazaky are hard to swallow casue it just see,s like shiny drivel in Auto-Tune.

To Me Azis is just a chubbier version of Adam Lambert who's been at it longe and supposedly with a bigger dick. As Cazwell has been deemed by the gay press as their answer to Eminem, I was left with one question when I actually saw him live. Are you fucking kidding me with this bullshit. It sounded like a nursery rhyme for guys with hardon's and wanting to crunk. Yeah fucking right. Take away the lyrics and you have a song that would appeal to a 6 year old on morning television. So it makes me wonder about the mental state of some of it's actual listeners. I mean there is no craft of Bob Mould's magic of Husker Du. Most of the new acts seems to base their stuff on the pretention of glamourous sex, designer clothing, and high gloss. Not Very Rock and Roll. No I like my rock stars foaming at the mouth riddled with VD and drug addiction. Even The Sisscor Sisters are nothing more than Abba parading around as the Village People, only in brighter colours and silly get-ups.

I have never been a fan of pop perse as like Madonna or Kylie as I think they suck. Don't get me started on Lance Bass and Ricky Martin. It's just shit with glitter sprinkled on top and I don't buy it. But some Gay Music is just to juvenile for my tastes. I wih I could say that I like and want to but it doesn't speak to me and it doesn't move me. And like Shakespeere said, If you music be the language of love, PLAY ON! Just don't play that shit around me or it's going out the window. So does gay music suck...? I think the music that caters to the frivolious does most definately. Music that is more user friendly is just classic and you can hear the difference.

Songs that are just Brilliant
Husker Du


Queen- When I was a kid loved this song and I sang it at the top f my lungs on my bike.

The Germs

Judas Priest- I do love a good hair do band.

Block Party- Hey there Kele and Simon.. Been a while since I have seen you guys.

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