Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Real Reason Olive Oil Was Made For.

I am a huge fab of wrrestling, ever since I was a wee knibble piquito nino i loved wrestling. Yes, I am highly competitive and love a good ruck and did ok in learning grappling in the Army. Yet the art of turkisk oil wrestling is something to a whole new level that makes me more than stand up and pay attention. There's the guys, the oil, the nuclear wedgie in leather pants, and then there are the pants. Man, I got to get me a pair of those. I first came into contact with this sport when I was 17 from a photo essay and was taken by the men and the ritual that these communities take part it. Needless to say that I was hooked and loved it ever since.

There is something to be said about contact sports and the affiliation, more than just the display of hot, oiled, beefy Turkish men. When watching the matches it does apear to be a game of wit rather than of brawn to find the weakest points for a take down. Poppa;s got a brand new bag. Enjoy the show.

bustour#4 - gladyatörs from markus dassel on Vimeo.

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