Monday, 15 October 2012


BLOG IT GOOD LIKE AFRO SHEEN.  Things are in flux I have to go to court again and this time I am suing someone for being a fucking dip shit and try and get back the money I had paid them in good faith.  As my art career is taking a turn in the right direction.  I am prepping for my next project which will be a HUGE undertaking.  As I enter the forum of the high art world I am aware that there is a protocol and etiquette to how to present yourself and your work.

Over the weekend was the Frieze Art Fair, virtually London's answer to London Fashion Week where galleries sprawling the nations capitol looking for the next big thing or art superstar.  I attended to events over the course of the week.  I went to Fred Mann's grand opening of his new Soho gallery. The second even was the Plus Arts Project at The Mayors Parlour deep in the bitt crack of the east end.

Downing copious amounts of alcohol I was armed with cards and my network know how.  Yet I will worn you.  If you hand me a glass of battery acid with an umbrella and a pineapple wedge I would drink it.  However London Frieze is not that different that London Fashion Week.  Yes there are the parties, yes there are the groupies and those whom have talent.  And There is a lot of overpriced shit that I just don't get.  Making contacts was a plus and and saw some work that I liked.  But I do not go these things looking for inspiration.

Seing some familiar faces was nice and met a YBA who didn't disappoint me in the least. However they did a fellow artist at the show who built the kismet meeting up in their dream, only to be met by a drunk sloppy cunt with cheap jeans and a crooked smile.

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