Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shop Till You Drop

Ink Whore (Front) Cotton Heather Grey and Navy Eco Friendly Inks comes in White T w/black ink

I have been hell a fucking busy here at Henry Hate Headquarters. Tattooing here, drawing there, firing people here and making merch there. Yes, Henry pie hands. As I swore to myself that I would start working on building the brand and taking it to the next level of my scheme. Sometimes I think I really should sit myself down and ply myself with some sort of mood stablizer that will allow me to relax. Any hoo boo for me, yay for you right? As there is alot of offer now at the Henry Hate Online Shop.

First Stage of Amy Portrait that I put on my twitter account.

Think of it as the universe telling you not to buy just more crap but beautiful crap! The t-shirts ave been doing well and I have already sold a few tote bags and prints. are you tired of the sily rock band shirt that makes you look like everyone else? Does you Walk Of Shame bag make you look a little to slutty or in dire need of a new haul? Is your house or flat begging to be adorned with new works of art that would make great conversation pieces at any cocktail party?

Fear not Henry Hate Onlie is here to help remove any of those pesky weighty questions with a new addition to your hoarding ways,

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