Thursday, 9 September 2010

Met Her At The 7/11

A while ago My friend Jane Gazzo, whom I miss dearly decided to leave London and head back to Melbourne Australia, for a career move with Channel V, and while i know she is doing well, there is me who misses her lovely face. So as I was going through a photo album of pictures I remember Jane given me a demo of the Spazzy's ep Met Her at the 7/11 back in like 2003. It was a complete nod to the Ramones and really loved the band, and got a chance to meet the girls from the band in 2005 when they were here and I was given their album Aloha Go Bananas. Jane is a impressive rock and roll Dj whom has cultivated a great career for her self. And she was always turning me onto bands I might like, and give me stuff to play in the shop. So, as Jane is no longer here is dreary ol London, she is in my heart in spirit. so this one goes out to my Jane and, Yes I will see her at the 7/11 sometime soon.

Oh and Jane, I loves you cause you'ze a New Yorkah Lady who makes much profit!

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