Saturday, 4 September 2010

Fashion Designers Have Lost Their Damn Minds.

Being that we are on the topic of sex. I noticed stories coming to the surface about two fashion designers whom sort of lost the plot abit. Marc Jacobs whom I think is alright is a highly coveted womans fashion designer in America, who's supposed to be the "cool" designer, but truth is I always found his clothes kinda sucked, and could be replicated in any charity shop/thift shop at a 9th of the price. So as he has transformed him self into a middle aged circuit boy, complete with tattoo's, he's one upped himself in the Hoe Stroll Stakes. His posters for Bang his new fragrance are him strewn in post coital, come get some stare. Seeing this poster I thought is this the same dork ass nerd whom used to design for Perry Ellis and was a long haired hippy, whom made boring ass clothes? Sure, he looks great, but the level of egotism has left me a little flat and unimpressed. Ever since he was hang with that street urchin, fame whore, hungry star fucking, rent. It's gone from bad to worse. So rumour is swirling that now that his gravy train has ended he needs to make rent a different way. By getting a job and foing WORK! Since being a 30 year old hoe, his hard to compete with a 20 year old hoe, when in fashion your last season or god fearing, vintage! Young rental hoe's are apparently huge this season. So the moron is said to be writing an opus and tell all book on his 6 weeks in the fast lane, warts and all on shopping and partying with the rich and famous. Snore,boo, yawn and boring, I'll pass. Dude is really trying to milk those 15 minutes. But Marc has transformed to this and since he's divorced his recent partner I think they call Lorenzo Fart-Tone.. Has a ring, don't it?

As the Butt Crowd fawn over this type of shit and eat it up. The one whom really has lost his damn mind is Calvin Klien, whom also makes boring ass clothes like Jocobs seems to suffer from Dickmatization. So my theroy is ever since Grandpa Klien is of the age of purchasing goods from the vast catalogue of downloadable porn. He might choose guys whom fit his current collection. In a word fucking BEIGE, people. Gramps Klien is sporting around a new piece 47 years his junior and looks all sorts of wrong. I am all for gold digging in the highest order, get what you can, shit! But Klien including his new piece to the Hamptons and all, while his Porn past has surfaced. So I gues the only thong that comes between Calvin Klien and his Calvin's is a 20 year old cock and balls. I am not against porn and am all for it, but I do think this dude runs the risk of suffering the same fate as Marc's same line of dudes. You have a shelf life. Right behind Marla Maples, and Donna Rice. The new Klien piece my have a certifiable hoe stroll but the rent is going on like a mother fucker, so as long as Daddy Klien pony up's. The young piece will gladly take it. I'm sure he's would be in for the long haul and take his wheel barrel to the reading of the will to stake his claim. Not only is Calvin double dosing the dickmatized button, but he is also dipping in the face fuck up department. I mean a face lift works for some and others, especially males suffer from a thing worse than Gay Face, it's Plastic Gay Face. Plastic Gay Face translates to boner buzz kill. Calvin may not only be a memebr, they bitch may also be the president.

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