Saturday, 18 September 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell...

I served as a soldier in the armed forces and i quickly never really took to authority. I mean I tried, but it was like fucking teflon, the shit would not stick. I was demoted once cause of some bullshit regulation, and they knew that I was just virtually elsewhere than on planet Super Soldier America. I had fun in the service, and was given a cetificate of honorable discharge when I left, however I came to found out that when the DADT law came into effect, my discharge was lowerd to a dishonorable discharge, when I served 2 years of America and it's bullshit policies in the armed forces. To me the words Military and Intelligence just don't go together. What the Army used me for was to make artwork for the mess halls of Fort Stewart. While my commanding sargeant, he would take the credit for the finished works and the bitch didn't have a artistic bone in his fucking body. He was a bigger kiss ass and cocksucker than I ever was, and the bitch is straight. So at the tender age of 19 it dawned on my that this just wasn't for me as I knew there was a bigger world and a better fish to catch than wearing the same outfit day in day out. So I chose to leave.

Although I don't believe in the standard practices of the military, i do believe my time served served me well and it was a definate character builder. My mom said I left a boy and came back an asshole. When she said that I was happy. Fot the U.S. government to thinnk there are no gays in the military is an understatement. I mean Under their DADT law, they would loose a large anoutn of soldiers, that would probably re-instate the Draft. Yet, I do believe that is every persons decision ultimately to make if they want to serve the country. After all, it is there American right, isn't it? How dare a country state that they don't mind you serving the country and placing your life at risk, and then deny you the basic rights that are granted to the next guy whom just happens to be straight. LIke I said I split, and it was my own choice, but I wasn't going to live in a place wher they promise the land of the free, cause it isn't. america thinks it is, but in reality it truly isn't.. Sure you can make anything of your self in the states, and it is by far a land of oppurtunity, yes. Yet if it were truly free, the country wouldn't have the issues it has now and it's views with gays. I have to say though, being in the service I did service many american soldiers.. Oh yeah, it always left a smile on my face cause that was when I felt I was truly serving my country.

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