Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pope This and Pope That!

As the pope Benedictine number 6539 is coming to Britain by invitation from what's her face the Queen and some other guy. And my partner has views on the matter! And to fucking right! There is a protest to show the Papal one what people think of those child fucking, and pompous self serving, sanctimonious, assholes. If you can watch this and then decide. Then tell me if you think that the apology he is to give on the behalf of the catholic church, when it's a day late and a dollar short, I do believe a Hookah Pah-Lease is in order. I was raised Catholic but I am not deeply religious and if there is a hell I am pretty sure they way I live would make me go to hell. So If I go to hell, I am gonna go with the fucking led off and a picnic basket. So bring it. I wanna make a "Death 2 The Honky Lips Church", Banksy got nothing on me.

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