Saturday, 25 September 2010

Loy And Ford

Recently I was came into contact with a old boyfriend of mine whom I had a brief fling, flung, flew relationship with. In the salad days we had dreams to do stuff but money and connections were just a minor obstacle next to the giant that was ambition. So now my crazy ex german ex Frank is a much coveted clothing designer for the celebrity set. I remember Frank and Stephan working on the ideas of a collection in the late nineties when I met them. Frank was loud brash and very funny and extremely german, with a a cool dog named Officer. II tattooed alot on Frank, much to his insistence and my wanting to get the shit down.

Loy And Ford are a supreme force to reckon with creating sometime one of a kind clothing that goes against the grain of mass prodiced cack. Modern, contemporary and ultimately cool. The clothing is structured to German tailoring of the highest order. I can see Frank in the designs, as I can see Stephepn whom is the more grounded and quieter of the duo. Yet I tip my hat of to the german dudes and fucking good on them. Check out there blog and say hello.

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