Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ready For My Close Up!

The lovely swan that is Pippa Brooks came up with a idea that is genius. Screen tests reminiscant of the bygone Warhol days. Asa teenager I was obssessed with the whole Warhol Factory and thought it was truly where I wanted to be. Combining music. art, style, sex, drugs and rock n roll, it had all the ingredients to make a 15 year old dizzy with excitement and a middle age woman cowar in fear. Pippa simply films to see what happens and with the digital age comes a shorter time span. Everyone used to be famous for 15 minutes, but as shit heads get stupider and more impatient things have changed. Now it's a simple 15 seconds where you can be famous. You might even say that Mr. Warhol himself is the true originater of the Old School YOU TUBE! Still Pippa has filmed the likes of musician Patrick Wolf, Mark Eley Of Eley Kishimoto, Pam Hogg, so asking me to be grouped with such an esteemed group was in instant no brainer.

You might want to swing by and see her goods on dispay at Mr. Goldstien

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