Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Death Of Silver Lake!

I used to live in Silver Lake from 91to the time I left in 98. I lived on Hyperion next to Cuffs, which is now some bullshit "trendy" bar. I lived on Griffith Park Blvd, Virgil, Gateway Ave and then Melbourne Ave , and Lyman Place in Los Feliz, basically all over the fucking place. It's now taken over by Boutique Coffee Houses, Designer Clothes Shops "Trendy" cafes and restaurants. There is that damn word again, Trendy. The last time I was their in April, I hated it. It was devoid of any real character and charm and taken over by greedy property developers and over priced poncey shops, that were in my were not very cool. Silver Lake in it's hey day was cheap apartments with leather bars in walking distance, Spaceland looked like a steak house, The Sunset Junction Festival in August and hidden gems peppered all over the place, owned by people whom didn't have very much money.

Now dory ass turds converge here and think it Trendy. The equation goes as follows, Trendy + Dork+ Expensive= Expensive Nerdy Ass Dork. Viewing this clip I thought, they don't look trendy, as the title is called Gay Hipster Fight.... Where's the hip? They should have called this Gay Dork Ass's Fight: Handbag's At The El Chavo Part 1, This Is My Purse Bitch! Watching Chispandix and some ChicaBooms gay lisp go at it makes for a quite funny fight. When I turn the volume off I can hear Beavis and Butthead or worse Science Fiction Theatre 2000 comment over this rumble of who tweezed the chola cha cha brow better. Come on, where's the blood, where's the gun and the serious bitch slap, to make some queens earrings fly into Sunset Blvd. This is amateur at best, nice try but no cigar, and YOUR NOT HIP!

Comparing Shoreditch to Silver Lake, Shoreditch is is tragically hip and trendy. Its chuck full of these hip trendy people, whom suffer from fashion herpes, making Shoreditch an inevitable catwalk during the day and night. Yes, some of them are lovely as people as I have come to know them when they come into my shop. I was young once, but I always did things my way regardless if people thought I was cool or not, some thought I was a dork my self. Fine by me hope I win the blue ribbon at the state fair. Now I would love to see a trendy Emo Shoreditch kid open a can of whoop ass on some Fashionista here in this neck of the woods, I think I would be riveted.

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