Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Viva Vicky And The Vengents!

Back in the days of yore, and talking way fucking back here people, I was a kid. Yes, as hard to believe as it is, I was a wee plucky little kid growing up behind the Orange curtain. Growing up a came across a colourful chick. She was ballsy, brassy, and very funny, & the fucking mouth on that broad.. Shit, could compete with any fucking foul mouth sailor this side of the Atlantic. Anyhoo, I met Vicky Tafoya, when I was first in junior high school n the 6th grade and was able to call her a friend in high school.knowing her back then. I always had a place in my heart for the girl, still do. The bitch is bad.

I had the privilege to sing with her when I was younger, and we were both starting out in our careers. We had music and choir together and tried in a failing attempt to get a band together. I remember her having a unhealthy obsession with the Beatles and 60's psychedelia and all the music from that era. Because of her I still have a love for most of the music like Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Yardbirds, The Sonics and god I type, even the fucking Beatles with out her input I probably wouldn't have the same musical influences I have today. Ok , Vick There I said it. You are the queen of everything. She was on to something. Vick as I always called her, stood out against the rest of the school. Like the rest of us weirdoes in high school who didn't belong to the dippy popular clicks.

Vicky was their with her teased hair, double lashes layered up that would make any chola straight from Delhi green with envy and her mod rock clothes, and tight pencil skirts and a smile. Yet Vick was tough and sweet, yet the bitch would bust her teasing comb out on you if you gave her shit. Then there was the voice. Her voice was incredible and still is. She was opposite to me when it came to signing. Me, you couldn't shut me up for love nor money, and I hadn't really sucked a dick yet. Vicky was shy when it came to signing cause most would bombard her to sing with group pressure. Our Senior year the high school had a Talent show where we both entered a Star Search contest judged by people whom the school had hired for the event. Me and Vic went up against the Drama/Chamber Singers. Whom I always felt could eat a big bowl of dicks. We were both entered in the male and female best vocal contest. Well, we kicked ass, majorly against those snooty fucking thespian drama signers. Achieving this put a hit on our social heads to the closet homosexual whom at the time was the music director of the school. How dare two misfits beat his prize students. Well, In your face Mr Soto!

Although I hang up my music with my last garage/punk band The Dirty Switches virtually 8 years ago it was not a clean and easy break up. Yet it was nice to know that Vicky Tayfoya kept at her amazing talent and has racked up a impressive career none the less. Even Rodney Bingenheimer has given Vicky And The Vengents his seal of approval by playing her record on the cult and coveted show. She recently sent me her cd's in the mail and I have been playing it on heavy rotation on Itunes much to the enjoyment of my customers whom asked who the band is. So she's even won the hearts over of the trendy bohemian Shoreditch set. Those pesky shoreditch set are a tough crowd. A New Dawn is full of pop ditties and gritty riffs and hooks that are classic, sweet 3 minute overtures.

New music sucks and todays music acts suck more dick than I do. They are not musicians, they play a power chord into a computer and loop the shit. Vicky And The Vengeance belong to a time that is pure angst in a booze filled frenzy. Music that is reminiscent to bands whom play music and the thrill of a good riff and a good time. The band pay homage to the Ramones, The Shangr-la's, the Ventures and the classic tumes that came out of New York's Brill Building. Recently The band recieved a great review in Shindig Magazineand are cultivating a following that shows that people will always choose rock and roll over crap. Stand out tracks are The Day He Went Away
and That's Why I Cry. A New Dawn echoes music at its core, sharp and concise, I do think with a bigger budget and more reverb in the mixing of the guitars, or live recording of on a prehistoric Dat would capture their raw essence ala The Bellrays. Yet this is the musician in me talking, the group get a two thumbs up from me cause thier is actual talent in this heavy outfit. My Partner has started playing them in his shop aswell as I turned him on to The Detroit Cobra's and loves the cd. So there you have it folks a brew of Uk Fans waiting for Vicky and Vengents to make their way here. If you get a chance check out her other band The Redondos's and The Big Beat, for all you swing cats. Vicky and The Vengents are in esteemed company now if only I can get them on a double bill with The Priscilla's. That would be a fun show. So move your ass and buy the damn cd.

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