Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What Not To Do During A Tattoo!

Watching this, you have two morons one whos, just going through the bullshit attention seeking behavior and a tattoo artist whom is really not working with the customer. I will be the first to admit that when dealing with these people it is a test of wills that will only stunt your growth, shorten your life span and by all means get on your last gay nerve. Seriously it is a test of wills not to throttle the person, but the first thing to do it make them comfortable.

1.) Be honest and work with your client.
2.) tell them to have some form of sugar, or natural sweet protien and or carbs. Nuts and a soft drink work.
Women respond well to Chupa Chips Lollys and Chocolate.
3.) Alert your customer to breath and work with them in quich successions
, it does no good to hold them down.
4.) No Gum
5.) Prasie the client when they are doing well and let them have a break when needed.
After all they are paying for it. Let them know the clock is ticking and ain't nothing going on but the
mother fucking rent. So Chop Chop.
6.) If you customer has faith in you and your avenue of communication is good then your half way through this
battle. It takes two to tango, one to lead and the other to follow, and by all means remain professional.
Don't scar the bitch cause you hold a grudge cause she's acting like a blue ribbon cunt at the county fair.

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GrahamIX said...

awwwww... video removed off YouTube :(