Monday, 11 October 2010

Sorrento Sole Mio!


This was worth the Five Euro i gave this guy. Priceless.
On route to the top of Capri, I loved this photo..

Our Driver and Licensed bodyguard, Mother fucker drove fast! Oh yeah he actually showed me his badge, hot!

The local talent, Although I can't run around sucking up locale Colour, I still look at the menu, Ice Ice Baby!

Me Leaving a bath house for the very first time ever and not having my dick sucked. As If!

In Pompei

In Pompei

Travelling is something I love doing, howevere I am not a fan of the actuall process of travel its self. Getting up at god awful hours to get to the airport only to be asked silly questions that are purely based on ignorance and paranoia. What is the point of asking me at 4:00 am, "did I pack my suitcase myself." "Oh no, I let some poor bastard from the middle east do it for me, if you please." Going to Sorrento i will say was fucking lovely, and it rocked. I can never understand when people travel somewhere and don't engage in the people and the culture. I mean why travel to italy and only order a hamburger, as to what some silly american did at a cafe. How rude. i was faced with different Americans whom complained about trivial stuff which I found was odd. They acted as if the world was really flat. Swimming in warm mediterranean sea water and being with my one and only sans the pooch, was a lifetime high. The food was AMAZING and will have a new respect for pizza and suaces as I tried to bribe the guy at our local whose wife made ass kicking pizza. It was her momma's recipe and she would rather die than give to a tattooed american. Touche, I can respect that. i immersed myself into the food art and tried to speak, at least order in itallian, but it was my ability to know spanish that helped me converse with the people. whom over all I liked. I will say this be prepared to seriously spend coin on FOOD, 12 euro for 2 eggs, I was seriously thinking a Niggah Pah-lease was in order when the bill came and my ass wasn't even in Capri. Italians will squeeze you like an olive, grape and lemon for every last euro you got. Yet i paid with a smile. except for the eggs.

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