Friday, 29 October 2010


I say it all the time that corporations want stupid people for customers. P.T. Barnum was a success for stating that a sucker was born every minute. Well, The display on show here is evidence of that. Now I a happy to say that I DO NOT EAT AT MCDONALD'S. Haven't in a whopping 14 years. But I raised the question to my partner once that eating right is not only important, but in this day and age costly. I understand that places like KFC and McDonald's is trying to brand themselves as healthy cafe style eateries. I have noticed this when I pass them on the high streets. Still I don't bite. I believe that there is a certain customer whom looks at this food as cuisine, and that person has a slightly diminished veiw and handle on things.

Take the subject of Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock, where he brought up the subject of heavy users whom eat here on a weekly if not daily basis. I believe that this crap will not only clog your arteries but clog your mind. I mean looking at this footage most of them look porksy, pudgy, and down right bloated. As I know for most on a fixed income it's hard to eat quality foods such as organic or even free range as the cost to sustain farming is evident in the price of food. But what ever is in the secret sauce is seriously making these bitches flip their wig. I mean this shit seriously can't be good for your mental health. When I was a teenager I found myself working at a Carl's Jnr.
In Newport Beach. I lasted 2 days after I though fuck this place, so I quit.

I think it;s sad that companies really pigeon hole people and they become a subclass. Let me explain. Twenty years ago if people were seeing this actually happen in a McDonald's, they would simply call the police. Watching this footage people were simply filming it, which illustrates that they become immune to this type of behaviour. This is normal to them and all though it is entertaining for the short span the after effect is a bit scary. I mean I don;t need to walk into the zone of a fart to know I am not going to like the smell. Yet these people here show no sort of composure to simply walk away and leave it alone. Here what you have is animals plain and simple. I do not condone the violence against women, yet these broads simply lash out at men twice the size with the same aggression of a man. So I do believe that these woman got their just desert.

Finally when the police showed up, those involved ran like cowards. Fucking punks and completely juvenile whom show that this behaviour was simply in vein and really nothing of any importance and simply reek chaos. So this would only solidify why I will not eat at a Mcdonald's ever again. For fear that I may get my ass kicked for no reason by some heefer whom didn't like the tone of my voice or simply cause they felt I stared at them inappropriately.

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