Monday, 18 October 2010


I know that some people crave that certain words only belong to small segregated group of people and the meaning is then supposed to have a serious weight behind it, because the said group claim ownership of said word. Fuck that, I used to piss off my former assistant when ever I said the word "NIGGER". My partner points out that although I know the difference between a black person, and a negro skinned person, I do not equate them as "Niggers". No to me a nigger is nothing more than a parasite whose looking for a free ride and a social parasite whom would rather use your own resources, than build their actual own. Someone who's just a user and very ignorant in their approach. Basically a dumb ass, but to me nigger does not equal black or ghetto.

So the word marriage is up in a heap of controversy, when I think that the word is nothing more than a word. The context of marriage to me is over used, because If I were to think of the catholic church verifying this as a sacred institution. Coming from a bunch of kid fuckers whom try and cock block my relationship as with those whom are extreme right, I would pass. Yet I am happy that me and my partner are legally acknowledged as legal partners and if I dare type it "married" we made the vow for better or worse". I still don't care what another person thinks about my union, cause it's none of their business. And if she, wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend, it ain't none of your business. If we get passed the nuts and bolts it's pretty much the same damn thing no matter how you break it down in the mechanics of the actual machine. So get over it and kick some shit up

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