Monday, 26 April 2010

Boss Hogg

Being the boss is hard, and sometimes it completely sucks ass. I say this cause, I have to deal with other people. Hear me out, when left alone to my own devices I am able to run free and do things in the order I am capable of doing. No glitches, no set backs, no having to explain a simple task, and trying to figure out the complexities of someone else's train of thought. When your the boss you will never be the good guy, the friend, or even the person in the winners circle. Your alone, and trying to encourage people to do things is sometimes a chore, a task and an uphill battle. So I suppose that is why I have a extra hard exterior when it comes to business. Business is first and I am married to my shop/ although I am committed to my partner I am committed to my shop. I do bust my ass in every sense of the word and really try and make things fly.

Today I woke up thinking about work. They say that the average man thinks about sex once every 10 seconds, but a business owner thinks about money every 8 seconds. I lay out simple things to ensure structure and some form of order. Break the rules and you have the reasons for your dismissal. It's that easy nothing personal, it's simply business. I don't seek to be right or even sit in the winners circle, yet there are times where I think I should just down size work alone, step back pull away and cash in. Common sense in todays work force is really missing a main component. I swear I could rip my fucking hair out if I had any. So protection is needed amongst things I purchase, things I have acquired, and the things I hold dear. It's frustrating to see things destroyed, ruined and just recklessly cared for when I paid for them, and then asked to use my shit.

I never ask the staff to use their things, their books, thier inks, etc etc. I invested in my own items to make my work easier for me. ME! God forbid they do their own investing in their own. Today's tattooist has this sense of entitlement. Kinda like going to see a spoiled kid who hasn't paid their due's sweet 16 birthday party. No discipline or structure. It's a hard road out their and the more a tattooist works, he should always consider his tools. I ask, I bargain, complain, I bitch, I moan and ask and plea, still sometimes it just isn't enough for them to fucking do what they should be doing in general. Today, this shit stops. Enough, please. am I difficult to work with? Hell YES AT TIMES I FUCKING AM. Cause I can be no day at the beach. Hand over heart I have given in equal measure. I have been accused and called a "Cunt" a couple of times, there was one "Slave driver". A few "assholes" have been tagged to my lapel, and a "fucking dick", there was that one" twofaced himey hypocritcal bastard" in 2003 when one guy found out he was fired. Sure at times and I let it roll. I don;t take it personally only business, comes with the territory. On the flip of that coin, I have treated to staff on a day out to Thorpe Park, bought birthday cakes, pizza, cards and given christmas bonuses, and even flowers for staff as a way to show gratitude and more importantly my appreciation. I don't expect anything other than them to understand my point fairly. The guys are god guys, finding a balance is in communication. Yet i know where I stand. Am I a fan of todays tattooists? The truth is a resounding NO! They all tattoo the same and flock like fucking sheep. So when a new one shows up I don't hold my breath! That is the truth. I suppose I am a dinosaur sticking to his rusty guns. Today is another day another dollar, and an uphill struggle. BUt I can say this, I will always love a challenge.

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