Friday, 9 April 2010

The Skies Dim Brighter For Malcom Mclaren

When I was young I discovered punk in 1980 and thanks to my cousin john whom was much, much older than me was a help in ushering in my new taste in music and taste in clothes. London seemed like a strange mystical place where styles was graced on the sidewalks and that at the time all my most cherished music came from England. The man behind the helm was one Malcolm Mclaren.
Like Andy Warhol his cerebral mind was to merge music, clothing and art. Partnered with our Dame Of Vivienne Westwood they took on the high streets and the seven seas declaring a revolution. Malcolm had his hand in many things and bands, He took it all on, with me like a duck to water I was a devoted disciple. Malcolm is no longer here but I am happy to say that his music and his intelligence were a gift to the world.
Regardless of his controversies his life was rich in history and vibrance. He will be missed, but his artistry and genius will forever be remembered. Along with Vivienne made a breeding ground hub for like minded kids whom were looking for something dangerous and fun. I was lucky enough to see Malcolm Mclaren in 1989 with Bootsy Collins at the Hollywood Palladium. So I hope you enjoy this small little collective in honour of him.

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